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California muscles its way into primary season

| Feb 14, 2007
Lawmakers are working to move California's presidential primary from June to February to up its influence on the race. The move would have a major impact on the campaign — politically and financially.

Getting Wal-Mart into India

Miranda Kennedy | Feb 14, 2007
The U.S. wants India to change a law that bars foreign companies from selling directly to its consumers. Wal-Mart is halfway there, so the government is trying to help push the retail giant through the door.
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Forget balancing the budget

| Feb 14, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says all the politicking over balancing the federal budget is an exercise in accounting futility that doesn't necessarily lead to smarter spending or borrowing.

Alcoa stock not foiled by rumors

Amy Scott | Feb 13, 2007
A newspaper story says two mining companies want to buy the aluminum producer Alcoa. One company says it's not true. The other's not talking. But investors weren't listening anyway. Amy Scott reports.
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B of A eases credit card requirements

Sam Eaton | Feb 13, 2007
Bank of America showed its eagerness to expand its Hispanic-targeted services. It's the first to offer credit cards, sometimes to clients without Social Security numbers. Sam Eaton reports.

The fund's OK, but how about that party!

| Feb 13, 2007
Regulators have fined three mutual-fund companies $700,000 for trying to win business with expensive meals and fancy trips. Pat Loeb reports.
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The cost of sending our dollars to China

| Feb 13, 2007
Economist Marcellus Andrews says that if Americans keep buying more from China than we sell to China, our standard of living is going to decline — and pretty soon.
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Now, about those millions on ice

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 13, 2007
The agreement on North Korea's nuclear program has one sticking point both sides agreed to leave for later: Whether Pyongyang gets its hands on millions of dollars sitting in a bank in Macau. Kai Ryssdal has more.
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Playing straight sometimes misses bottom line

Jocelyn Ford | Feb 13, 2007
In most countries, scandal is bad for business. But in China, being on the up and up can mean lost business. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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So nice of you to write

| Feb 13, 2007
Kai Ryssdal reviews your letters reacting to our reports and commentaries — from online lending and Robert Reich to the Jewish sabbath and the American Enterprise Institute.



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