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More security for Chinese laborers

Scott Tong | Dec 31, 2007
Cheap labor may become a rarer commodity in China, thanks to a new law requiring workers to have written contracts. Scott Tong looks at the new job security for laborers and what it will cost employers.
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Gift-card swappers beware

Sam Eaton | Dec 31, 2007
Several websites have popped up that allow people to swap the $26 billion worth of gift cards sold this holiday season. But Sam Eaton reports there are few guarantees and you can't always tell what you're getting.
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Home sales numbers say keep it cheap

Steve Tripoli | Dec 31, 2007
Existing home sales numbers are projected to come up slightly from sharp lows. Steve Tripoli reports more downward price pressure is expected ahead for the new year -- so if you're selling a home, sell low.
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The new year is still unwritten

Jill Barshay | Dec 31, 2007
Yes, those countdown shows on New Year's Eve need writers, too. Jill Barshay reports Dick Clark had his show in the can months ago, but other network programs will go unscripted and rely more on music.
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Part private equity, part mortgages

| Dec 31, 2007
The year began with a private-equity deal practically every day. When that stopped, talk of mortgages took over. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan reviews the year in Wall Street deals with Scott Jagow.

Iowa: Smart Energy Policy or Ethanol?

Janne K. Flisrand | Dec 29, 2007
Janne K. Flisrand:...
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Day in the Work Life: Katrina relief

| Dec 28, 2007
When Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans, thousands of relief workers poured into the region to help. This encore Day in the Work Life revisits one of those workers on the scene.

The biggest bang for a benefactor

| Dec 28, 2007
A new breed of philanthropists is using business strategies to determine how they give. Tess Vigeland explores this group with analyst Eric Kessler, who released a list of "high impact giving opportunities."

Giving to charity can benefit you, too

| Dec 28, 2007
There are around 350,000 charitable organizations to donate to in this country. How do you decide where your money should go? Mary Stucky reports there are ways to give that benefit both you and the charity.
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Getting Personal

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Dec 28, 2007
Economics editor Chris Farrell answers your money questions with Tess Vigeland in this holiday version of Getting Personal.