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Luxury retail's not hurting

Steve Henn | Sep 14, 2007
While much of the retail economy is feeling the pinch of subprime, luxury spending seems only to be growing. But Steve Henn reports the high-end market could be skewing retail numbers across the board.
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Some cheating's business as usual

Scott Jagow | Sep 14, 2007
The New England Patriots were fined half a million dollars for using hidden cameras to steal their opponents' defensive signals. But business of sports commentator Diana Nyad told Scott Jagow that this sort of cheating has been going on forever.
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Shoot for the moon, break even

Jeff Tyler | Sep 14, 2007
Google and the X Prize Foundation are offering a $30 million prize for someone who can land a robotic rover on the moon and send back pictures. The reward should just about cover the cost of getting the robot up there. Jeff Tyler has more.
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UAW contract almost up

Alisa Roth | Sep 14, 2007
The contract between the United Auto Workers and the big three car makers expires tonight at midnight, and there's a chance the talks will go past deadline. Alisa Roth looks at one of the main issues at stake.
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Long commute home for Canadian oil worker

| Sep 13, 2007
Most of Canada's crude oil is out west, in the oilsands of Alberta. Thirty-thousand people work there. Blair Ghent lives in Newfoundland, on the other side of the country. He makes the long commute alone, but he's not the only one dealing with the hardship. Chris Brookes brings us the story of this Canadian oil worker.
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Commentary: Disaster refief

| Sep 13, 2007
Hurricane Humberto bit into South Texas and Louisiana last night with rain and 80-mile-an-hour winds. The first hurricane to hit us in two years didn't approach anything near Katrina, and petered into a tropical storm by mid-morning. But hurricane season doesn't end until November 30. Commentator Andrew Marcellus says, over time, indifference to those who live in harm's way could become something much worse.

Game shows are safe bet for networks

Kai Ryssdal | Sep 13, 2007
TV game shows promise huge jackpots these days. Contestants can line up to hit it big on more shows than before. But the ones really raking in the dough are the networks. Kai Ryssdal speaks with TV analyst Gregg Segall.
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Healthier economies make for healthier kids

Helen Palmer | Sep 13, 2007
Unicef says the number of children dying each year has dropped below ten million for the first time since it began keeping records. It stands to reason that more widespread public health campaigns contributed to the decline. Helen Palmer reports.
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Pimco launches troubled-securities fund

Amy Scott | Sep 13, 2007
Pimco has launched a $2-billion distressed debt fund. It will invest in mortgage-backed securities and other fancy credit instruments. Amy Scott reports.
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Relief in sight for Countrywide

| Sep 13, 2007
Banks are throwing a lifeline of $12 billion in credit to Countrywide. As a result, their stock rose almost ten percent on the announcement. Lisa Napoli reports.
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