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Retiring is good as a foreign concept

| Aug 17, 2007
If you've worked your entire life but haven't done as much traveling as you'd have liked, why not consider retiring abroad? Jeremy Hobson explores some options and hangs out with a retiree in the streets of Paris.

Buzzword: Moral hazard

| Aug 17, 2007
When a secure financial safety net is in place, some worry investors may act less than safe. Hey, if the hazards are covered . . .
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Day in the Work Life: Casting director

| Aug 17, 2007
You feel you're meant to be a star, but she'll know for sure. And she won't even use the "casting couch" . . .
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A day at the racinos

Scott Jagow | Aug 17, 2007
Who'da thought slot machines would save horse racing. Tracks have been struggling to keep their gates open for a while now, but the casinozation concept is working so well, Diana Nyad predicts they'll all have slots one day soon.
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Big Ben silenced for repairs

| Aug 17, 2007
The bells at London's famed clock tower have been quieted so some of its 148-year-old parts can be replaced. That they lasted that long is a marvel of Victorian engineering, explains Keeper of the Great Clock Mike McCann.
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The Fed prescribes... relaxed credit

Scott Jagow | Aug 17, 2007
The Federal Reserve has given the credit markets a big dose of a medicine. In a surprise move, it cut the discount lending rate by half a point. It's meant to relax the credit squeeze and that's giving the markets a healthy boost.
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Hello...Skype? Anyone there?

Stephen Beard | Aug 17, 2007
Online phone provider Skype is still working on its network this morning after a software crash yesterday left some 220 million users without service. Critics say the incident highlights a glaring flaw, Stephen Beard reports.
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Disney's musical money machine

Lisa Napoli | Aug 17, 2007
Millions of people will be at house parties tonight... to watch a made-for-TV movie on the Disney Channel. That's right. It's the Mouse House sequel to the cash cow called High School Musical. Lisa Napoli does the advanced cross-promotional math.
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'Made in the USA' has new cachet

Stacey Vanek Smith | Aug 17, 2007
Mattel is spinning its damage control wheels as fast as it can following back-to-back recalls of millions of its China-made toys. Meanwhile, American toymakers are cashing in - and dreaming of a red, white and blue Christmas. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Mexico's dream port coming true

Dan Grech | Aug 17, 2007
Mexico has plans on the drawing board for a brand new megaport that just might become reality, but neighboring ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles aren't too worried about the competition. Dan Grech reports.
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