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The Fed strives for balancing act

Bob Moon | Jan 30, 2008
With GDP numbers at 0.6% annual growth, the Fed must carefully balance slow growth with inflation to avoid stagflation. Bob Moon talks to economist Joel Naroff about what the Fed is up against.
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Slow the land rush to fire zones

| Jan 30, 2008
Allstate Insurance says quarterly profits dropped 37%, mostly due to the California wildfires. Commentator and former National Park Service Director Roger Kennedy says unless governments and taxpayers change their ways, we'll be hearing the same story year after year.
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Tata Nano Revolution (Part 2): Straining a squeezed global oil market

Dennis Markatos | Jan 30, 2008
With a sticker price half of the world’s cheapest cars (like India’s Maruti and China’s Chery brands), the $2,500 Nano will probably...
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The effects of a Fed cut take time

Steve Henn | Jan 30, 2008
Whether or not the Federal Reserve announces another interest rate cut today, the effects of a cut wouldn't be seen for awhile. Steve Henn reports we haven't even begun to see the effects of past rate actions yet.
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Cadbury sweetens lives of farmers

Gretchen Wilson | Jan 30, 2008
Ghana's cocoa farmers are suffering from a poverty cycle, with the global price of cocoa struggling and production waning. But Cadbury wants to put money towards teaching farmers to yield more crops. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Bank of England to save banks in secret

Stephen Beard | Jan 30, 2008
Responding to subprime problems and the recent bank run from Northern Rock, the British government wants to allow the Bank of England to bail out failing banks in secret. Details would be public later. Stephen Beard reports.

It's the economy, Florida

John Dimsdale | Jan 30, 2008
Exit polls for the Florida primary showed many voters were influenced by a faltering economy. John Dimsdale found out who voters liked in Hollywood, Florida and what made them choose their candidates.
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Don't leave demand out of the equation

| Jan 30, 2008
A provision in the economic stimulus bill calls for a tax deduction on the cost of new machinery. But commentator Robert Reich says businesses won't invest in production equipment when there's no demand for their product.

Altria tries to wean off cigarettes

Janet Babin | Jan 30, 2008
As smoking continues to decline each year in the U.S., Phillip Morris USA and parent company Altria are feeling pressure to expand their product line. Janet Babin reports what Altria is doing to be less dependent on cigarettes.
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SocGen deals with bad press

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jan 30, 2008
Societe Generale is busy dealing with rumors of buyouts from bigger banks and the rogue trader speaking to the press about the scandal. Stephen Beard talks to Scott Jagow about what the bank is up against.
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