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A new harvest of green gadgets

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 11, 2008
Tech companies are now joining scores of American businesses trying to sell environmentally aware products. Kai Ryssdal talks with Kevin Periera of G4 about some gadgets that might make the thoughtful consumer green with envy.
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Russia exchanges debt for Iraqi oil

| Feb 11, 2008
Officials in Russia have agreed to forgive more than $12 billion in debt owed by Iraq in exchange for oil-drilling rights in part of the country. John Dimsdale reports on how the deal affects Russia's infrastructure and what it means for American interests.
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Exxon freeze gets Venezuela moving

Dan Grech | Feb 11, 2008
Venezuela has begun moving oil revenues into Swiss banks to avoid a possible seizure of funds by Exxon Mobil. The move creates a new chapter in the legal fight between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and one of America's biggest companies. Dan Grech reports.
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What more could Yahoo want?

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 11, 2008
Yahoo has formally rejected the Microsoft takeover offer of $44.6 billion, saying it was too low and it could find a better deal elsewhere. Kai Ryssdal talks to New York Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin about Microsoft's next move.
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Banana's bloody past, uncertain future

| Feb 11, 2008
The humble banana is the subject of the longest-running WTO trade dispute and shaped the politics of many nations in Central and South America. Doug Krizner talks with author Dan Koeppel about his chronicle of the fruit's history.
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'Show runners' itching for episodes

Doug Krizner | Feb 11, 2008
The months-long writers' strike appears to be at an end, and some "show runners" are already planning for more episodes -- and fast. Mike Speier of Variety says that in Hollywood, the bottom line is always money.
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Wooing capital to Iraq's Kurdish region

Jeremy Hobson | Feb 11, 2008
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is encouraging investment in the region to the north. It's safer and less violent, but some worry it will encourage the Kurds to pull away from Baghdad. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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BASF not worried by subprime mess

Stephen Beard | Feb 11, 2008
A new estimate predicts a $400-billion hit in subprime write-offs. But Jurgen Hambrecht says if banks simply worked the way European manufacturers did, there would be little cause to worry. Stephen Beard reports.
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Sloan Sessions: Raising the lending roof

| Feb 11, 2008
Part of the stimulus package will allow Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae to back much bigger home loans. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan says the federal government should keep a closer eye on lenders who would benefit the most.
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Yahoo! to Microsoft: Drop dead

| Feb 11, 2008
The Yahoo! board is poised to reject a hostile takeover bid from the software giant. But Microsoft's chief has vowed to do whatever it takes to buy the Web's most popular destination. Scott Jagow talks with Lisa Napoli.
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