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Retailers face HD DVD phase-out

Jill Barshay | Feb 19, 2008
Now that Toshiba has pulled the plug on its HD DVD business, retailers who sold customers HD DVD CDs and players will have to deal with returns. Jill Barshay reports there's at least a slight silver lining.
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All the president's whiskey

Hilary Wicai | Feb 18, 2008
Turns out our first president wasn't the teetotaler some revisionists have made him out to be. In fact, George Washington was once the nation's largest producer of whiskey. Hillary Wicai reports from a rebuilt version of his distillery.

Lying is essential to doing business

Bob Moon | Feb 18, 2008
Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway says she's OK with lying on the job. In fact, she believes the corporate world can't function without little white lies to get through the day.
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Dental spas give some a reason to smile

| Feb 18, 2008
Cosmetic dentistry offers many ways for you to put your money where your mouth is. And some dentists are already plotting the next big thing to attract you to their chairs. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Mustaches for charity, not just irony

| Feb 18, 2008
Twenty-somethings have one of the lowest rates of charitable giving of any demographic group. Alex Goldmark reports on a New York City charity that's using facial hair to make fundraising hip for younger people.
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We can no longer afford the penny

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 18, 2008
Commentator and international economist Dan Drezner says inflation and high zinc and copper prices have made the penny too expensive for the U.S. to produce.

A day to spend dead presidents?

| Feb 18, 2008
President's Day is time to honor American leaders, and many of us traditionally do that by going shopping. Bob Moon talks to NPD Group's Marshall Cohen to find out how profitable the holiday actually is.

HD DVD raising white flag

| Feb 18, 2008
With Toshiba looking ready to abandon the HD DVD format, Blue Ray seems to have finally won the high-definition DVD wars. Bob Moon reports on what retail stores are doing with their HD DVD inventory.
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Today's lunch special: recalled beef

John Dimsdale | Feb 18, 2008
Westland Meat Company is recalling 147 million pounds of beef -- the biggest beef recall in U.S. history -- much of which was to go to school lunch programs. John Dimsdale reports on how the recall will affect future demand.
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Niches aren't scared of the Internet

Stacey Vanek Smith | Feb 18, 2008
While online advertising continues to pummel its competitors in print, one sect of print publishing is expanding. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on how the growing market for niche publications works with the Web.