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Iran sanctions now seen as unlikely

John Dimsdale | Dec 4, 2007
Now that a United States intelligence report has concluded Iran stopped work on a suspected nuclear weapons program four years ago, a major project to sanction the country may be in question. John Dimsdale reports.

Web could be new advertising king

Steve Tripoli | Dec 4, 2007
Analysts project that Web advertising will see big growth worldwide next year, thanks to emerging markets and large-scale events like the Olympics. Steve Tripoli reports what advertisers are willing to spend.

A Brilliant, Funny Analysis of the Markets

Chris Farrell | Dec 4, 2007
Thanks to economist and blogger Greg Mankiw. A great send-up by two British comics of financiers and the subprime crisis. Enjoy.

Russia could end its beef with U.S.

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 4, 2007
Russia cut all U.S. beef out of its diet after the scare of mad cow disease. But thanks to a craving for higher-quality meat, the country might soon be letting American beef imports back in. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Andorra's tourists get warm reception

Kyle James | Dec 4, 2007
The tiny country of Andorra has a thriving tourist economy, which relies partly on its ski resorts. But with global warming becoming an increasing threat, the tourism board is looking to diversify. Kyle James reports.
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Attention shoppers: It's the holidays

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Dec 4, 2007
A new survey out shows shoppers aren't shopping much so far this holiday season, and the ones who are have mainly been looking for bargains. And high gas prices aren't the only thing to blame. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Airbus flying away from Europe

| Dec 4, 2007
Attracted by the weak dollar, Airbus is considering opening up a new factory in Alabama. Doug Krizner talks to David Gow from The Guardian in London about the wake-up call to Europe's manufacturing industry.
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A good night's rest is all in your head

| Dec 4, 2007
To The Benjamin Hotel, a state-of-the-art pillow is crucial to getting a deep, fulfilling rest. Jaime Bedrin talks to a sleep concierge there and explores her options, which include a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls.

Low jobless rate won't cheer up Europe

Scott Jagow | Dec 4, 2007
The unemployment rate in Europe is at a record low, but consumers aren't exactly giddy about the economy. Scott Jagow talks to European correspondent Megan Williams about the factors involved in consumers' current mood.
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FDA needs to beef up resources

John Dimsdale | Dec 4, 2007
The Senate wants to provide the Food and Drug Administration with more resources to do its job. John Dimsdale reports with a smaller staff and increased food import scares, the help could be vital.
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