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Reasons to donate to Marketplace

Marketplace staff | Dec 22, 2014
Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson and Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O’Leary show why we need your support.
AILA, or Artificial Intelligence Lightweight Android, shown during a 2013 demonstration at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Quiz: If computers are smart now, just wait

Dan Hill | Dec 22, 2014
Stanford University launches a long-term study of artificial intelligence.
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A new drug becomes the only option for some patients

Dan Weissmann | Dec 22, 2014
Prescription-drug benefit company makes an exclusive deal with drug-maker.

PODCAST: Prescription neutrality

David Brancaccio | Dec 22, 2014
Prescription neutrality, high rent, and SonyTV.

Is cheaper gas an opening for higher gas taxes?

Scott Tong | Dec 22, 2014
Many states are running out of money to maintain highways.
Not a sign of the times, in Centreville, Virginia.

Apartment shortage is forcing up rents

Adam Allington | Dec 22, 2014
Investors who bought rental properties find they can now raise rents.

The math behind healthcare's crazy inflation

Dan Gorenstein | Dec 22, 2014
Costs keep going up, but what about value?
Inside the Sony Playstation Lounge in New York.

Sony plans to offer first Internet-based cable TV

Nova Safo | Dec 22, 2014
The new year promises several new Internet-based streaming TV offerings.
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Venus, seen as a small black dot, passes across the sun in this 2012 view from a weather observatory in Manila, Philippines.

Men are from Mars, scorching temperatures are from Venus

Tobin Low | Dec 22, 2014
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Monday.
A small, private single-engine plane prepares to land at a municipal airport in Wheeling, Illinois.

Pilot shortage grounds flights at regional airports

Miles Bryan | Dec 19, 2014
New federal standard to earn commercial pilot's license closes off pipeline of new pilots.
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