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The Covered California website is displayed during a healthcare enrollment fair in San Francisco, California.

California leads in lowering health insurance premiums

Dan Gorenstein | Jul 28, 2015
The state has kept prices low by negotiating with insurers and limiting options.
A banner with the logo of Twitter is set on the front of the New York Stock Exchange.

Twitter's earnings report in one tweet

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 28, 2015
The social media site isn't doing too bad for itself.
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Aerial view of the Maracanã Complex, a Rio 2016 Olympic Games venue

Rio de Janeiro adapts as it prepares for the 2016 Olympics

Kai Ryssdal, Mukta Mohan and Bridget Bodnar | Jul 28, 2015
Rio de Janeiro has changed since it agreed to host the Olympics.
Cecil, one of Zimbabwe's most popular lions.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Well, just lions

Tobin Low and Janet Nguyen | Jul 28, 2015
Or how not to have the Internet turn against you.

Why simple is best when it comes to corkscrews

David Brancaccio | Jul 28, 2015
A wine buyer swears off gadgetry.
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 Euro coins lay on a 1,000-Drachma note, the currency in Greece before the euro.

PODCAST: Emergency Grexit

David Brancaccio | Jul 28, 2015
The Greek backup plan, and the corkscrew used by the professionals.

For gay rights groups, victory could come at a price

Nova Safo | Jul 28, 2015
After their marriage win, gay rights advocates worry about fundraising.
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Homes and trucks: friends forever?

Mark Garrison | Jul 28, 2015
How pick-up truck sales are affecting the housing and construction industry.
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Sports broadcaster takes note of the Special Olympics

Andy Uhler | Jul 28, 2015
ESPN looks to get a piece of the marketing opportunity. And it's not alone.
Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, Inc. and Chairman of Twitter, holds an event in London in November 2014 where he announced the launch of the Square Register mobile application.

Will Twitter's midlife crisis bring a fancy new CEO?

Ben Johnson and James Perla | Jul 28, 2015
More on the challenges facing Twitter ahead of its earnings report.
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