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Golden State Warriors fans holding up signs celebrating the Warriors attempt to go 16-0 to start the season while playing the Los Angeles Lakers at ORACLE Arena on November 24, 2015 in Oakland, California.

Can the Warriors' winning streak bring in big bucks?

Molly Wood and Mukta Mohan | Dec 1, 2015
Winning games is great for fans but does a streak affect sales or advertising?
The ongoing V-Tech hack has stolen information from millions of children and parents.

V-Tech hack affected millions of children — is anyone safe?

Molly Wood, Ben Johnson and Mukta Mohan | Dec 1, 2015
Hacks are common now, but going after children's information is a whole new ballpark.
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A model sits on top of a pile of Sleepy's mattresses on 5th Avenue in New York as a part of a promotion. Sleepy's will be bought out by it's competitor Mattress Firm.

A merger meant to shake up the sleepy mattress biz

Mark Garrison | Dec 1, 2015
The deal is a response in part to changes wrought by the Internet
Turing Pharmaceuticals made Daraprim, a medication used by HIV patients, incredibly expensive, now Express Scripts is working to create a generic, more affordable version of the drug.

More drama in prescription drug pricing

Dan Gorenstein | Dec 1, 2015
A firm hiked the price of a drug 50-fold, and now there's new generic competition.
Migrants from Syria waits in line to cross the border near the northern Greek village of Idomeni on November 26, 2015 at the Greek-Macedonian border. Many migrants face a long wait outside and inside safe borders.

Asylum seekers face a backlog

Caitlin Esch | Dec 1, 2015
The wait for an interview often exceeds a year.
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Indian pedestrians walk near smog enveloped government offices on Rajpath in New Delhi on Tuesday. India's capital has the world's most polluted air with six times what is considered safe, according to the World Health Organization.

India, still poor, insists on its full serving of energy

Scott Tong | Dec 1, 2015
Countries where millions live without electricity say they must emit more carbon
Mark Zuckerberg with his wife Priscilla Chan and daughter Max.

The Zuckerbergs announce a new baby and new initiative

Molly Wood | Dec 1, 2015
Mark Zuckerberg announced the birth of his child and new foundation all at once.

The long wait for Section 8

Noel King | Dec 1, 2015
Many Section 8 applicants face long waits and a shortage of housing.
Posted In: Housing, New York, section 8

Growing movement to make altruism more effective

Wes Williams | Dec 1, 2015
Effective altruism asks how each dollar spent can bring the most good possible.
Tourists pose in front of the iconic Wall Street Bull near the New York Stock Exchange on September 16, 2013 in New York City.

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley

David Brancaccio | Dec 1, 2015
The shopping season, auto sales, effective altruism, and Wall Street's brain drain.