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A small, private single-engine plane prepares to land at a municipal airport in Wheeling, Illinois.

Pilot shortage grounds flights at regional airports

Miles Bryan | Dec 19, 2014
New federal standard to earn commercial pilot's license closes off pipeline of new pilots.
Posted In: airline pilots, airports, FAA
An aircraft flies over Raleigh, North Carolina.

Your Wallet: Cheap travel for the holidays

Marketplace Weekend Staff | Dec 19, 2014
Some of the algorithms that affect our lives the most are the ones airlines use to determine pricing.

In Context: Algorithms in business

Marketplace Weekend Staff | Dec 19, 2014
In New York City, when it rains, something interesting happens
Posted In: algorithms

Cuba to expand its internet access

Marketplace Weekend Staff | Dec 19, 2014
Lizzie O'Leary speaks with Nancy Scola who covers Tech Policy for The Washington Post.
Posted In: cuba, Internet

TTYL: Retailers hope to connect over online chat

Adriene Hill | Dec 19, 2014
When a chat window opens up while you're online shopping, who is writing back?

Concept for federal college-ratings system is unveiled

Amy Scott | Dec 19, 2014
Creating a sort of Consumer Reports for higher education is a "supremely challenging task."
A Hummer stretch limousine in Beverly Hills uses available space to advertise that it is for sale.

These 6 charts show our love affair with cars could be over

Scott Tong | Dec 19, 2014
With gas prices down, we're tilting toward bigger cars but still driving less.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

What's a proportional response to a cyberattack?

Tim Fitzsimons | Dec 19, 2014
North Korea doesn't have much of an economy to sanction.

PODCAST: All eyes (still) on the Fed

David Brancaccio | Dec 19, 2014
The Fed is watching oil just as closely as the rest of us.