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How the cost of a drug impacts the placebo effect

Gretchen Cuda Kroen | Mar 3, 2015
A recent study suggests telling patients a drug is expensive enhances the effect.
Visitors gather at the Samsung stand during the opening day of the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2, 2015

Samsung steps up the battle to be your "pay phone"

Nova Safo | Mar 3, 2015
You can pay with the new Galaxy nearly everywhere credit cards are accepted.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Taking stock of U.S. aid to Israel

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Mar 3, 2015
Political tensions are high around Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress.

Developing the ideal prosthetic arm

Ben Johnson and Aparna Alluri | Mar 3, 2015
Why replacing the human hand is a huge engineering challenge.
Google announced plans to delve deeper into the mobile network business.

Google's wireless gamble

Stan Alcorn | Mar 2, 2015
The Internet giant is a new entrant in an already crowded marketplace.
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Commercial bees, the unsung heroes of the nut business

Tracey Samuelson | Mar 2, 2015
Almonds don't just take a lot of water to grow; they take a lot of bees, too
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Silicon Valley's diversity issues highlighted in trial

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 2, 2015
Ellen Pao is suing Kleiner Perkins for gender discrimination and retaliation

Spirit Air: slashing prices at 30,000 feet

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 2, 2015
CEO Ben Baldanza talks about his airline's cheaper, stripped-down experience

Finding the natural in natural flavors

Sam Harnett | Mar 2, 2015
Natural flavors come from a substance found in nature, but that's just the start.
Jeep is expanding internationally with plans to open shop and start production in China and India soon.

Jeep eyes international sales

Adam Allington | Mar 2, 2015
Fiat-Chrysler is transforming the iconic but American-centric Jeep into an international brand.
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