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PODCAST: Waiting at Wal-Mart

Noel King | Sep 2, 2015
Job growth in August, Wal-Mart's woes, and wartime bonds.

Using colleges' names? They're looking for you.

Gigi Douban | Sep 2, 2015
Universities are aggressive about protecting their trademark rights.
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Walmart announces it will raise wages for some 500,000 employees.

Wal-Mart's goal: Reinvention

Sally Herships | Sep 2, 2015
Customers don’t like waiting, and the country's largest retailer knows it.
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Would dumping the Iran deal hurt the dollar?

Andy Uhler | Sep 2, 2015
The Obama administration says the dollar's dominance could be undermined.
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Selling bonds to fund the war

Sabri Ben-Achour | Sep 2, 2015
Ken McGee remembers selling bonds as a child to help the war effort in the U.S.
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America is buying bottled water in droves.

Why buy water when you can have it for free?

Molly Wood and Mukta Mohan | Sep 1, 2015
Bottled water is about to become the most popular packaged beverage in the U.S.
The Polaroid Cube is helping Polaroid recapture its former success.

A snapshot of Polaroid’s turnaround

Molly Wood and Daisy Palacios | Sep 1, 2015
CEO Scott Hardy says the 'retro cool' brand just needs a new business strategy.
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Migrants protest outside a train station in Budapest, Hungary after it was closed to migrants on Tuesday.

Migrant crisis challenging EU identity

Kimberly Adams | Sep 1, 2015
The flood of migrants and refugees is forcing Europeans to question their values.
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A man explains the stock market's recent fluctuations on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange last Wednesday in New York City, the third day in a row the NYSE had invoked Rule 48.

When markets are turbulent, it's time for Rule 48

Mark Garrison | Sep 1, 2015
This obscure little element of the NYSE playbook helps take the stress out of trading
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Musicians perform at StubHub's Next Stage Concert Series. The online ticket reseller has ditched its all-inclusive pricing model.

StubHub gets snubbed after publishing full prices

Nova Safo | Sep 1, 2015
The ticket reseller built fees into the prices, and buyers went elsewhere
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