Passwords? There's a technology for those

Sep 23, 2016
Yahoo tells its hacked users more than they ever imagined about passwords.
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Yahoo confirms hack of 500 million user accounts

Sep 22, 2016
The company says the stolen information relates to a “state-sponsored actor.”
Workers use a crane to move a section of a Yahoo! billboard onto a truck on December 21, 2011 in San Francisco. The company confirmed today that there has been a hack of at least 500 million accounts.
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RIP Yahoo, 1994 to 2016

Jul 25, 2016
Launched in the early days of the web, it never figured out the next new thing.
Pedestrians walk by a Yahoo sign in Times Square on July 29, 2009 in New York City. 
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Does a CEO's pay reflect how well a company performs?

Jul 25, 2016
Not so much, says one study that tracked the performance and pay of 800 CEOs in the U.S.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is one of the highest-paid CEOs in the country. A new study shows that companies with the the highest-paid CEOs do worse than the companies of their lesser-paid counterparts.
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Verizon to purchase Yahoo for $4.8 billion

Jul 25, 2016
The phone company is vying for Yahoo users in an effort to ramp up digital ad revenue.
Verizon is snagging Yahoo's core business for nearly $5 billion.
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Patent sales can have lots of potential buyers

Jun 8, 2016
Yahoo seeks buyers for about 3,000 non-core patents.
Yahoo is looking to make over $1 billion selling thousands of patents.

Weekly Wrap: Is Yahoo a tainted chalice?

Apr 22, 2016
Felix Salmon and Leigh Gallagher join Molly to recap the week that was.

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How buying Yahoo would help Verizon reshape itself

Apr 18, 2016
Speculation abounds on whether or not the nation's leading wireless service carrier should purchase the struggling Internet giant.
Verizon is looking to buy Yahoo. 
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Who can save Yahoo?

Apr 18, 2016
Verizon? Maybe.

Dispatch, Ep 11: Firefly bottoms and bird bones

Apr 14, 2016
Facebook's moonshots, Yahoo's bidding war and how biomimicry could outshine all of it.
Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg talks chat bots at the company's F8 conference in San Francisco on April 12, 2016.