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Labor Department to review subminimum wage policy for disabled workers

Sep 28, 2023
Federal regulations permit companies to apply for special certificates that allow them to hire disabled workers and pay them an average of less than $4 an hour.
Anna Rose Layden/Getty Images

Could the lessons of the pandemic be a boon to workers with disabilities?

Aug 26, 2021
Technologies that became common due to COVID have been useful for workers with disabilities. Now, returning to offices gives employers a chance to improve accessibility.
Working from home has proved liberating for many workers with disabilities, and many hope the flexibility of work during the pandemic have staying power.
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Is the American disability system prepared for long COVID-19?

Apr 22, 2021
A growing number of patients continue to have symptoms months after the onset of COVID-19, even after tests no longer detect it.
COVID-19 long-haulers experience symptoms from fatigue to heart problems after the virus is no longer detected in their bodies.
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Reform would guarantee minimum wage to all workers with disabilities

Sep 3, 2019
The House-passed Raise the Wage Act would phase out subminimum wages for people with disabilities in sheltered workplaces.
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