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Mental health spending may be up because of COVID-19

Jun 24, 2020
Some employers are adding new options related to wellness to their health care offerings.
Almost a third of workers surveyed had accessed or planned to access mental health care during the pandemic.
Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

Younger workers are pushing for greater work-life balance

Jun 3, 2019
They're bringing self-care to work and pushing for more flexibility to have a life.

Do corporate wellness programs work?

Feb 16, 2018
A new study says they help employee retention, but not employee health.
Would you be more likely to go rock-climbing if your company picked up part of the tab? 

New software program aims to help the elderly live longer on their own

Jan 11, 2017
The project is the brainchild of a former Wall Street analyst.
A home health aid assists a Florida resident.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Can your boss fine you for not disclosing your weight?

Jul 22, 2013
Penn State is the latest major employer to require its workers to disclose their vitals, or face a stiff penalty.

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