Why there's less of a wage gap for women with flexible hours

Aug 3, 2016
A breakdown of the gender wage gap with Sarah Kliff of Vox.

Here are the places with the most egregious wage gaps for women of color

Apr 4, 2016
On average, women earn $430,000 less than a white man over their career and the amount is significantly higher if you’re a minority, says one study.
Women of Color in Tech stock images

The Feds want to know how much you earn

Jan 29, 2016
The Obama administration wants to make large companies disclose how much they pay.
US President Barack Obama speaks about equal pay during an event to mark the 7th Anniversary of the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act January 29, 2016 in Washington, DC.

The Obama administration takes on the wage gap

Jan 29, 2016
Women still earn only about 79 cents for every dollar a man does.

Women will achieve equal pay in 118 years, report says

Nov 19, 2015
According to a World Economic Forum report, women will receive equal pay globally by the year 2133.

Socioeconomic status could be affecting childrens' brains

Sep 3, 2015
A large-scale study shows a link between parental income and a child's brain size.
Elizabeth Sowell, a neuroscientist at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, points to a chart comparing family income and brain surface area.
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PODCAST: Tech bubble bursting?

Apr 7, 2014
We look at the best and worst states on closing the gender pay gap. And The University of Baltimore is offering a free semester for finishing within four years.

Narrowing Louisiana's wage gap.

Sep 7, 2012
Louisiana has one of the largest pay disparities between men and women in the U.S. But new legislation and a coastal restoration project may help bridge that gap.