In the “girl” era, are women really splurging for fun?

Feb 29, 2024
Economic disadvantages like the wealth gap persist, despite talk of the “she-conomy."
Since the pandemic began, single women and other lower-wealth groups saw larger percentage gains in their wealth than their higher-wealth counterparts. Hernández Kent said that’s primarily because it’s easier to double a small amount of money.
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The rural-urban income divide persists, and it may be widening

Nov 30, 2023
Cities are home to high-paid business services and rural areas have lost manufacturing, contributing to the 23% gap in earnings.
While the gap between the earnings of rural and urban workers is growing, inflation is a particular problem for rural residents. Above, a truck carries livestock feed near Wray, Colorado.
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Nobel winner advances understanding of women and the labor market

Oct 9, 2023
Harvard economist Claudia Goldin has illuminated issues such as the gender gap in pay, child and elder care, and the shortfall in women economists.
Some of Claudia Goldin’s more recent research found that the pandemic has had a greater impact on women than men when it comes to employment and labor participation.
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The global economic cost of gender inequality in the workplace? $7 trillion per year

Mar 6, 2023
A new study finds that more women in the workforce — and fewer roadblocks to their success — could grow the global economy significantly by boosting productivity.
Actions like lowering child care costs could lower the barriers to women entering the workforce.
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Women's soccer equal pay deal highlights how unions can help level the playing field

Sep 7, 2022
According to federal data, union membership reduces the gender pay gap by nearly 40%.
Under the new contracts, the U.S. men's and women's soccer teams will be paid according to the same pay structure for appearances and tournament games.
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How inflation is impacting salary negotiations

Jul 29, 2022
Employees have leverage, for now, and rising prices provide a rational justification for requesting a raise.
Inflation can be an objective metric to use when asking for a raise.
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Why labor unions keep shrinking

Aug 22, 2019
It's not just the shift away from a manufacturing economy.
Labor union members protest Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget cuts in 2011.
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For public good, not for profit.

Can talking about salaries reduce the wage gap?

Jun 7, 2019
According to Alison Green, the answer is yes. Even if those conversations sometimes prove tricky to navigate.
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The cost of being a working mother? $18,000 a year, study says

May 10, 2019
The pay gap is even greater for women of color.
Four times more women than men dropped out of the job market in September.
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If you want to retire your debt before you retire, be a man

Oct 23, 2018
A report states that debt grows and follows women through life.
The United States could simply make more money to pay its bills, said Stephanie Kelton, an economics professor at Stony Brook University. But taken to an extreme, that could lead to higher inflation.
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