Businesses encourage the U.S. to trust the election process

Oct 29, 2020
Major business groups have penned a letter urging Americans to be patient as votes are counted.
Workers board up the entrance of an office building in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 28, 2020. Delayed election results could lead to damaged retail storefronts and other infrastructure if violence or protests break out.
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What would delayed election results mean for the economy?

Oct 22, 2020
The results from the election could remain uncertain for weeks. "And uncertainty is generally really bad for economy activity," said Brookings' Wendy Edelberg.
Even with record-breaking early voting, it could take some time to know who won the presidential election this year.
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Three months after the shutdown, some workers still feel its effects

Apr 25, 2019
"There's still that insecurity. You want the cash on hand," said government contractor Sunny Blaylock.
Sunny and Seth Blaylock with their two kids, Stella and Tiger.
Sunny Blaylock

Extraordinary uncertainty? Or run-of-the-mill uncertainty?

Mar 7, 2019
Uncertainty. It’s a word you hear a lot these days. Brexit, trade policy, relations with North Korea — all up in the air and all casting a cloud over the global economy. But is this moment of uncertainty any different than times past? Click the audio player above to hear the full story.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, left, shakes hands with U.S. President Donald Trump during their historic summit at the Capella hotel on Sentosa Island on June 12 in Singapore.
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Voters in the south sold on Trump's infrastructure plan

Nov 17, 2016
Austin Golding, co-owner of Golding Barge Line, talks about his hopes under a Trump presidency
Donald Trump supporters listen to him speak at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on January 2, 2016 in Biloxi, Mississippi. 

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For public good, not for profit.

Presidential elections are bad news for the economy

Jun 3, 2016
Uncertainty over who the next president will be makes businesses press pause.
"I don’t think there’s nearly as much uncertainty about Clinton" because she's "predictable," says Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University. Above, the Democratic presidential candidate speaks at an event on Friday in Westminster, California. 
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Gold prices are starting to rebound, but why?

May 12, 2016
Demand for gold is up 21 percent over the same time last year.
Gold prices are rising again.

Trust issues: D.C. dysfunction means uncertainty for companies

Oct 17, 2013
There’s a better than average chance that the government could shut down again in a few months if Congress can’t come to an agreement. That uncertainty is a problem for everyone from contractors to the entire US economy.