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Jennie Josephson



Jennie Josephson is a former story producer for Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal an produced the podcast "Make Me Smart."

Jennie was the executive producer at “The Daily Tech News Show With Tom Merritt,” an award-winning, listener-supported podcast about technology. Previously, she produced web series and mini-documentaries for Yahoo Studios, including the Murrow award-winning story "Baseball Helps a Family Heal." Jennie worked as an associate producer at CBS News, first on the international desk and then in the Los Angeles bureau. She is a proud former desk assistant at CBS News Radio.

Jennie began her career in radio at age 4 by flubbing a call sign and accidentally relocating a New York radio station to Florida.

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It's one of the only urban mills in the country, and business is good.
Varieties of flour are sold in the retail shop at Grist & Toll.
Jennie Josephson/Marketplace

Songs of struggle, then and now

Nov 15, 2017
There's an incredible history of protest songs in American political history, so we made you a playlist.
Picture dated October 22, 1991, of legendary jazz and blues singer Nina Simone in concert at the Olympia music hall in Paris. 
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Heard on Make Me Smart

May 18, 2017
That book, that link, that recommendation you heard while walking the dog or riding the bike.