Is there a sweet spot for sugary drink taxes?

May 28, 2019
National Bureau of Economic Research figures show a national tax of between 1 and 2.5 cents per ounce of drink would save society $7 billion per year.

Philadelphia's new soda tax is sweet and sour

Apr 18, 2017
Retailers say soft drink sales have dropped by half, but preschool teachers are seeing the tax's benefits.
“People are angry and furious,” says Frayby Perelta, who runs a small family-owned store.
Bobby Allyn

How effective is a tax on soda?

Jun 9, 2016
Philadelphia is set to become the first major city to introduce a soda tax.

In Mexico, things go better with...water

Apr 10, 2015
Mexico is fighting obesity by urging people to drink less soda and more water.

California cities vote on soda tax

Nov 6, 2012
A ballot initiative in Richmond and El Monte proposes a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Proponents say it could help prevent diabetes among low-income residents and generate revenue, but the soft drink industry is spending millions to block it.