How many people actually attach their cheap Ikea furniture to the wall?

Jun 29, 2016
Ikea's recall of tens of millions of dressers got us wondering.
Consumer Product Safety Commission Chair Elliot Kaye and CPSC employees watch as a falls under an Ikea dresser during a live demonstration at in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. Ikea is recalling its hugely popular Malm line of dressers after several children were crushed to death when they tipped over. 

Kraft recalls 6.5 million boxes of macaroni and cheese

Mar 18, 2015
Consumers found metal pieces in the packages of classic comfort food.

What GM's mea culpa could mean for the brand

Apr 2, 2014
GM's CEO Mary Barra spent another day on Capitol Hill.

Thanks, but no thanks: Chrysler says it won't recall 2.7 million Jeeps

Jun 5, 2013
Government regulators asked for a Jeep recall, but Chrysler said "No." Will negative public reaction outweigh the cost of an actual recall?
Final Note

It's not just the $300,000 price tag that hurts

Sep 22, 2010
This final note today. Another auto recall to tell you about. Seems like they just keep coming, doesn't it? It's a potential hazard to pedestrians...

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