How to get more than $250,000 covered by federal deposit insurance

From creating joint accounts to patronizing multiple banks, there are ways to maximize FDIC coverage, says economics contributor Chris Farrell.
Having too much money to be insured in one account is a good problem to have. Marketplace economics contributor Chris Farrell explains how to solve it.
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Could companies be persuaded to bring back pensions?

Why defined pension plans could make a comeback in a tight labor market.
Pension funds, which had long since fallen out of the mainstream, could offer some employers an edge in hiring, argues Chris Farrell.
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Inflation, high spending propels consumer debt up

Mar 9, 2023
Different types of consumer debt saw a substantial rise in January, according to the Federal Reserve.
Consumer debt, led by credit card spending, has been on the rise in the U.S. in the past few years.
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Making a major life change? These financial steps can help

Whether you've decided it's time to change jobs or you're dealing with an unforeseen circumstance.
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Economic malaise tightens some consumers' pocketbooks

Nov 22, 2022
People feeling the effects of a slowing economy may consider cutting spending, says Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary.
Consumers experiencing economic difficulties may cut back on expenses like dining out, says Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary.
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The case for calculating climate risk into retirement plans

Retirees may want to consider climate change risk when choosing a spot to settle down, says Chris Farrell.
Popular retirement destinations like Florida and Arizona are experiencing the effects of worsening climate change, says Marketplace senior economics contributor Chris Farrell.

What's behind Biden's income-driven repayment plan for student loans?

The proposal could be a step "toward a vastly simpler and lower-cost way to pay for higher education," says economics contributor Chris Farrell.
The administration proposed a student-loan repayment system based on earnings and family size in conjunction with its plan to cancel some student debt.
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For public good, not for profit.

How many American workers are benefiting from employer retirement programs?

A new study sheds light on how just under half of American workers aren't covered by employer health coverage.
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Survey finds people are feeling worse about their own finances than they did a year ago

Apr 29, 2022
Price increases have a lot to do with how people see their finances at the moment, but people are also feeling more secure in their jobs.
Therapist and executive coach Angela Sasseville says that the pandemic and other factors have primed us to feel more anxious than before.

What the Enron scandal taught us about investing

Sep 30, 2021
"To get the full return of the stock market, you have to invest in all the stocks available, not just your own," says The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig.
Enron employees leave the company's Houston headquarters after being laid off in 2001.
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