Zoë Saunders

Senior Producer


Zoë Saunders is senior producer of Marketplace's narrative podcast, “This Is Uncomfortable.” She is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Zoë first dipped her toes into audio production as a college radio DJ at WPRB. After a slight detour through academic archaeology, she circled back to her radio roots and produced award-winning podcasts and nationally-syndicated radio programs for WNYC, PRI/PRX, and CNN, before finally joining Marketplace in 2022. Counter to her parents' belief, she has never actually worked for NPR.

When not on a Zoom call for work, Zoë can usually be found singing to her dog.

Latest Stories (3)

This is not you, it's me.

Nov 17, 2023
Plus: "This American Ex-Wife" author Lyz Lenz defends her splurge, and some of our recommendations for healing a broken heart.
Zoë and her friend at the wedding.
Courtesy Zoë Saunders.