Meet the entrepreneur who started a gym centering inclusive fitness

Nov 3, 2023
Many gyms lack proper resources for people with physical disabilities, so Wesley Hamilton designed one.
Wesley Hamilton, founder of the Disabled But Not Really Foundation, shares his story.
Courtesy Disabled But Not Really Foundation

Should the government still allow some employers to pay less than minimum wage?

Jun 17, 2022
The so-called "subminimum wage" program was created for employers that hire people with disabilities, but some say that practice should end.
As the unemployment rises, it'll be important to keep an eye on how much more it rises for vulnerable groups, says Betsey Stevenson of the University of Michigan.
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Making the web easier to access for people with disabilities

Innovation is a big buzzword in the tech community, but that doesn't always mean innovation for people with disabilities.

Got questions about disability in America? Here's your resource guide

Jun 22, 2018
A reading list from the informational to the literary.
[Image Description: A young woman lays on her back, holding up a book to read in the sunshine. She is wearing a light-colored shirt, blue jeans and a pair of sunglasses. In the foreground is a blurred out individual propped up on her elbows. They are sitting in a field of green grass, with small flowers growing around the area.]
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In a tight labor market, people with disabilities find more work

Jun 22, 2018
Unemployment for workers with disabilities has fallen by nearly half since 2011.
A view of Samrawit Biyazin, a Portland State University graduate who has been blind since she was a child in Ethiopia. She said that “coming here, I realized that blind people can study anything they want, so I said to myself, 'I’m going to try to study something math-oriented, number-oriented.'"
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