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Norway sees a future in giant subterranean data centers

Mar 27, 2019
The arctic nation wants to become a global capital of hard drives and servers.
Katie Prescott and Sarah Treanor at the Lefdal mine data center in Norway.
Katie Prescott

Norway offers incentives to push its residents to buy electric cars

Mar 21, 2018
Norway says it will stop selling gas and diesel cars altogether by 2025.
Go Ultra Low Nissan LEAF on charge on a London street.
Miles Willis/Getty Images

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund hits $1 trillion

Sep 19, 2017
There’s some big money news out of Norway today. Population: a bit over five million. Money in the country’s sovereign wealth fund: at least a trillion dollars as of today, according to Norway’s central bank. That’s more than two and a half times Norway’s GDP or about $188,000 for every Norwegian citizen. This fund is […]

Norway waves goodbye to FM broadcasting

Jan 11, 2017
Norway starts turning off its FM radio today. It’s going fully digital. The change will begin in the north of the country. The government says the country’s aging broadcast network means it’s time for new technology. National radio and big commercial stations will have 12 months to switch over, and community and local stations will […]

Oil prices are down, and so is exploring for oil

Aug 31, 2016
Last year, oil companies found the lowest new reserves in 70 years.
Oil wells pump the oil fields of California's southern Central Valley. 
David McNew/Getty Images

Is the 'Norway Model' next for independent Britain?

Jun 28, 2016
Norway's relationship with the Continent is key to its economy — but there are certain costs.
Though Norway isn't a part of the EU, it still has ties with member countries.

Hero Norway earns millions housing refugees

Jan 8, 2016
Hero Norway is a for-profit that made millions housing refugees in 2015.

For public good, not for profit.

Norway is the first country to kill FM radio

Apr 20, 2015
The government will save $25 million a year by going all-digital.

Oil and the race for the North Pole

Dec 11, 2013
Denmark and other countries are staking claims to the sea surrounding the North Pole, with an eye to oil exploration.

In Norway, a different view of transparency

Aug 20, 2012
It may be taboo to talk about your paycheck in America, but in Norway the income of every Norwegian is a matter of public record.