For richer, for poorer: sharing money in marriage

Sep 30, 2019
We talk to couples and experts about the intersection of love and money.
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Honey, I shrank our bank account (and didn't tell you)

Feb 3, 2016
Some 13 million Americans hide an account from their spouse or partner.
Some 13 million Americans hide an account from their spouse or partner.

Just say no to joint tax filing

Apr 12, 2013
The joint tax return may seem as inevitable as the income tax itself. But commentator Anne Alstott says the joint return is obsolete, and the nation would be better off without it.

An age gap and retirement portfolios

May 2, 2012
How do you plan your investments when you're planning for people of different ages? If a family has one person who is of retirement age and another who's much younger, how should common investments be allocated? Conservatively (keeping in mind the older person) or aggressively (in the interests of the less old person)? Thanks!!! Rina, Bronx, NY

The dismal science of love and marriage

Nov 20, 2011
Marriage is no walk in the park. So authors Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson analyzed romantic relationships through the lens of economics to find solutions to everyday marital issues.
"Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage, and Dirty Dishes" by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson.
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