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Unemployment claims are at their lowest number since January

Sep 21, 2023
The labor market is still pretty tight, even after the last year and a half of rate hikes loosened things a bit.
Even without big hiring expansions, there are still more jobs out there than workers available to fill them.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Labor market weakens for young, less educated workers

Sep 8, 2023
What that might mean for them and for the economy at large.
Young adults without diplomas are "canaries in the coal mine," said Bill Rodgers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. "When the economy slows down, they tend to be the first ones to lose their jobs.”
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Women's role in labor force continued to grow in August. Is the trend sustainable?

Sep 4, 2023
The growth was largely driven by working mothers. Flexible and remote jobs help, but the expiration of child care relief funds may hurt.
The growth in women workers has largely been driven by working mothers.
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Why labor shortages aren't going anywhere

Aug 31, 2023
With the acceleration of baby boomer retirements, multiple sectors face long-term challenges finding enough workers to meet demand.
Pandemic disruptions and baby boomer retirements have created a mismatch between labor supply and demand. That has boosted worker pay, but employers might respond by investing more in automation.
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Job openings fell in July in a promising sign for soft landing

Aug 29, 2023
Federal data also shows fewer people quit last month, bringing rates back in line with pre-pandemic levels.
Job openings decreased in July and were revised down for June.
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Wage growth may be slowing after period of strong gains

Aug 28, 2023
Reports from companies and job search sites indicate that employers are lowering the pay they offer for newly posted jobs.
Small businesses aren’t adding jobs as quickly as they did last year, which is translating into weaker wage growth, noted economist Luke Pardue at Gusto.
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Consumer confidence is rebounding. Here's why.

Jul 26, 2023
The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index is up 40% over last year, aided by moderating inflation and job market strength.
"We know from history that as long as folks are working, they feel more comfortable about spending,” said Quincy Krosby of LPL Financial.
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For public good, not for profit.

Unpaid promotions: big titles without the big bucks

Jul 6, 2023
Some employers use inflated job titles to keep staff on board. But without equivalent compensation, the plan can backfire.
Make sure your next promotion comes with a higher paycheck. If it doesn't, there are other forms of compensation you could negotiate for.
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Immigrant workforce reaches near record level

Jul 6, 2023
Foreign-born workers are continuing to play a crucial role in a tight job market.
Tisheeka Wallace is assistant manager of Pacci's Trattoria, where immigrants make up one-fifth of the workforce.
Nancy Marshall Genzer/Marketplace

What rurally-based companies can teach us about shrinking labor pools

Jun 21, 2023
A remote corner of the U.S. might offer insight into how companies can work with the labor market they've got.
Rural companies in areas with low populations have to find ways to attract and retain workers.
Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images