Jobless claims, now at 33 million, likely undercount people who aren't working due to COVID-19

May 7, 2020
Some people haven't applied for unemployment because they don't think they qualify, and others can't get through the application process.
A person fills out an unemployment benefits application in April. For every 100 people who successfully file, an additional 37 workers do not, according to one economist.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

4 things to know about monthly jobs numbers

Oct 3, 2019
The report tracks how many jobs are created and what the unemployment rate is, among other things.
Farm workers harvesting parsley in Colorado in 2011.
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Job creation revised down by 500,000

Aug 23, 2019
Bureau of Labor Statistics annual benchmark revisions find job creation was weaker than originally reported last year.
A "now hiring" sign is posted on a table during a career fair for veterans in San Francisco, California.
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U.S. adds a solid 164,000 jobs; unemployment rate stays 3.7%

Aug 2, 2019
U.S. employers slowed their hiring in July but still added a solid 164,000 jobs to an economy that appears poised to extend its decade-long expansion.
A 'now hiring' sign hangs on the door of a Staples store in Lower Manhattan, January 4, 2019 in New York City.
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Companies lay off workers even in the best economic times

Aug 1, 2019
The unemployment rate is hovering around a 50-year low, but some companies are still shedding jobs.
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Why aren't more Americans working or looking for work?

Jul 10, 2019
Labor force participation in the U.S. is said to be lower than that of comparable economies. There are a couple of factors at play.
A help wanted sign hangs in a window of a restaurant in Miami, Florida.
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U.S. adds solid 224,000 jobs; Fed rate cut may be less certain

Jul 5, 2019
June’s solid job growth followed a tepid gain of 72,000 jobs in May, a result that had fueled concerns about the economy.
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