Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen speaks at a news conference. The better-than-expected jobs numbers give the Fed another reason to raise interest rates.
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US adds a robust 235,000 jobs; unemployment dips to 4.7 percent

Mar 10, 2017
It is all but certain that the Fed will raise short-term interest rates at its next meeting.
A job seeker shakes hands with a recruiter during a job fair in San Francisco, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Manufacturing sector still seeks route to a rebound in the New Year

Jan 6, 2017
Is there any hope for a manufacturing rebound in 2017? The signs haven’t looked great, with the dollar strong and strengthening. A strong dollar makes U.S. exports more expensive. Factories actually shed jobs in 2016. But manufacturers say they’re optimistic…

US economy adds 161,000 jobs in October

Nov 4, 2016
Some say that gains in the report were "solid," while others have called them "modest."
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U.S. economy adds 255,000 jobs in July

Aug 5, 2016
That number is much higher than analysts expected.
June's jobs numbers were also better than expected.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

June jobs numbers better than anticipated

Jul 8, 2016
A far cry from last month's report. But what about the big picture?
A job searcher holds an employment application as he attends a career fair in West Palm Beach, Florida.
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Holiday hiring could be at its highest since 2000

Dec 24, 2014
Strong seasonal retail hiring boosts the spending power of American consumers.

Improved job creation expected for November

Dec 5, 2014
A strong hiring season for seasonal retail jobs is also expected.

Survey says: People don't trust pollsters anymore

Aug 27, 2014
As the way we use our phones changes, pollsters get left behind.