The space industry puts a booster on its diversity-hiring efforts

Jun 6, 2023
The Space Workforce 2030 initiative includes some of the industry's biggest companies, Aerospace Corp. CEO Steve Isakowitz explains.
"We decided as an industry, let's increase the pool of talent," says Steve Isakowitz, CEO of The Aerospace Corporation.
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Employers rely on internships as a recruiting tool in tight labor market  

Apr 19, 2023
Internship hiring is projected to increase by 9.1% from last year, according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
Employers expect to increase their summer intern numbers by 9.1% from last year according to a recent survey released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
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How do interns learn about the workplace when there is none?

Mar 11, 2021
The programs are less about casual networking and observation in a remote world. Remote internships need more direction, one expert says.
"There's no observation, really, there's no serendipitous contact," in remote internships, says Marianna Savoca of Stony Brook University.
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As internships move online, will opportunities follow?

Jun 15, 2020
If internships can be done from anywhere, the pipeline for future talent may be getting more inclusive.
Companies have shifted during the coronavirus pandemic to allow their interns to work remotely.
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Japan expands use of foreign "interns" to address labor shortage

Oct 10, 2018
The unemployment rate is just 2.4 percent in Japan; the country is filling the job gaps with a controversial program for foreign interns.
Workers at the Tsuda Shoten fish plant in Kamaishi, Japan. About 10 percent of the workers are non-Japanese “interns” who come through a special government program.
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How to make sure your internship is worth your time

Ask a Manager's Alison Green answers listener questions about internships
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The internship, brought to you by summer

Jul 12, 2017
Today's summer internships — 42 percent of which are unpaid — have their roots in apprenticeships from an earlier era.
Interns run with a court decision to reporters stationed outside of the U.S. Supreme Court June 29, 2015 in Washington, DC.
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For public good, not for profit.

My Economy: Making close to six figures as an intern

May 15, 2017
As a PhD student, David Kuhns found an "internship" that matched his skills.

Paid internships are more likely to lead to job offers

Jul 25, 2016
Compensated interns were taken more seriously in the corporate world.
About 44 percent of unpaid interns in the corporate world were hired after finishing an internship.

How to make $7k a month at your high school internship

Jul 8, 2014
What are Silicon Valley interns doing to be making 5 to 7 grand a month?