Apple's acquisition of Intel's smartphone modem business is all about control

by Jack Stewart Jul 26, 2019
The iPhone manufacturer is buying the ability to make its own modem chips.
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Apple will reportedly replace Intel processors with its own microchips

by Jon Gordon, Stephanie Hughes, and Shaheen Ainpour Apr 6, 2018
That would help its devices work more seamlessly together.
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Intel earnings expected to weather the Meltdown and Spectre

by Jed Kim Jan 25, 2018
Security issues and faulty fixes have vexed computer giant Intel, and that’s just in January. But analysts say the problems probably won’t dent profits in the long term. Intel releases its quarterly earnings report later today. The company has generated…

What to do when a couple of security flaws are affecting almost every computer in the world

by David Brancaccio Jan 4, 2018
An analyst walks us through the Meltdown and Spectre bugs.
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As esports gain legitimacy, corporate America looks to cash in

by Jana Kasperkevic Jun 21, 2017
Would you spend hours watching someone play video games? NBC and Intel are betting that you would.
For its first esport tournament, NBC has chosen Rocket League — a video game where cars instead of people play soccer. 
Courtesy of Psyonix

Intel says Moore’s Law lives on

by Molly Wood Mar 29, 2017
The prediction that foreshadowed advancements in computing is here to stay, EVP says.
“I think the big impact of Moore's Law though is just that basic model of being able to double the capability every year or bring the cost down every year,” Stacy Smith of Intel says.
David Becker/Getty Images

Automakers and tech companies fight over smart cars

by Jed Kim Mar 14, 2017
Intel announced this week it’s acquiring the Israeli company Mobileye for about $15 billion. The merger is part of the tech giant’s bid to become a leader in developing self-driving vehicles. The convergence of automobiles and technology is making for…

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Intel beats expectations, but data center sales slow

by Molly Wood Jan 15, 2016
Data center business show slight growth, while PC market shrinks
Data center business show slight growth, while PC market shrinks
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Intel commits $300 million to diversify tech ranks

by Noel King Jan 7, 2015
Company CEO tackles a tech problem: Need for more women, minorities in workforce.
 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, right,  and employee Darryl Adams at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.
(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on 'silicon leadership'

by Kai Ryssdal Oct 1, 2014
Intel plans to make its supply chain conflict-free by 2016.

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