Fact-checking the economic claims in Donald Trump’s convention speech

Alan Rappeport, economic policy reporter at The New York Times, examines the former president's assertions about inflation, taxes and energy.
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Why do weddings cost so much? 

Jul 12, 2024
The average cost of a wedding reached $33,000 in 2023. Expenses can add up quickly as couples face pressure to put on the perfect celebration.
The average cost of a wedding this year is $33,000, according to wedding registry service Zola.
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Sticky shelter prices make Fed's 2% inflation target hard to reach

Jul 11, 2024
Housing costs rose 5.2% in June from a year earlier, pulling up the consumer price index.
Housing is in a supply crunch, which is keeping costs high and inflation from dropping further. But that doesn't mean the Fed won't cut rates.
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Climate change is expensive, and it could add to overall inflation

Jul 11, 2024
High temperatures can lead to price spikes and headline inflation, a study finds. Sarah Kaplan of The Washington Post explains.
Global olive oil prices have surged after extreme heat and drought in Europe last year cut production nearly in half, says Sarah Kaplan of The Washington Post.
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As Americans wait for the Fed to cut interest rates, inflation continues its downward trend.
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Real earnings outpace inflation, helping consumers offset price growth

Jul 11, 2024
Raises in real earnings help offset price increases but not all consumers share the benefits equally.
Even though real earnings have recently outpaced inflation, consumer sentiment is still pretty glum.
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Small-business optimism climbs, but inflation agita persists

Jul 9, 2024
The mood among businesspeople is better than it has been this year, but they're still more pessimistic than the historical average.
High costs remain top of mind for many small-business owners, according to a survey from the NFIB
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For public good, not for profit.

Stocks are up, but so are consumer prices. What's the connection?

Jul 8, 2024
Investors are often wary of inflation. But those higher prices can bring benefits to companies.
Inflation has eased, the Federal Reserve has held interest rates steady and stocks have been making new highs.
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A closer look at wage measures hints at why consumers still feel gloomy

Jul 4, 2024
Average wage growth has slowed in recent months, though according to the May jobs report, it’s still ahead of inflation.
"While wages have grown across the board, we've actually had the strongest wage growth among the lowest earners," says Valerie Wilson at the Economic Policy Institute.
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