Why are home prices still rising?

Sep 20, 2022
As interest rates climb, people who own homes with low mortgage rates have little incentive to sell, keeping the supply tight.
High mortgage rates are keeping some would-be sellers in their homes.
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Is housing in a recession or a reality check?

Aug 23, 2022
Trade groups say the industry is in recession, but prices are still high and foreclosures are low.
While prices are still high, home sales across the country have declined for six straight months.
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The superheated housing market is finally cooling down

Aug 19, 2022
Higher home prices and the Federal Reserve's efforts to curb inflation are responsible for much of the slowing market.
The housing market cooldown comes after two banner years during the pandemic when demand went through the roof and prices rose by double digits.
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High home prices and rising interest rates mean there are lots more homes on the market

Aug 9, 2022
The housing market is cooling a little. But there still aren't that many homes for sale, just more than last year.
The main reasons more homes are on the market is rising mortgage rates and high home prices, says Danielle Hale at Realtor.com.
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Housing affordability continues to worsen for many Americans

Jul 19, 2022
Home prices are at record levels, and mortgage rates are much higher now than they were six months ago.
Fewer homes are being built these days — especially in the price range of first-time buyers.
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As real estate market changes, broker counsels buyers and sellers to think different

Jul 4, 2022
For buyers, the competition is less fierce, but some sellers still have "pie in the sky" hopes.
The median sale price was $407,600 in May, and mortgage rates have climbed. Some would-be buyers are finding the market less affordable, yet sellers have lost some leverage, says Amanda Pohlman of Keller Williams in Cleveland.
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Remote work is driving up housing costs

May 31, 2022
Extra space is at a premium for those who want to Zoom in peace.
Zillow predicts home prices will continue rising through 2023.
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Condo prices won't ease as city life makes a comeback

May 17, 2022
City life is making a comeback and there aren't enough condos out there
Demand for residential construction projects have slowed while commercial project have largely remained steady, says Maurice Rahming, President of the O'Neill Construction Group.
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Home prices are still climbing, just not as fast as they have been

Dec 28, 2021
October's increase was smaller than September's, which was smaller than August's.
Though the housing market is still competitive, price gains are beginning to slow.
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Millennials locked out of hot real estate markets

Nov 29, 2021
The National Association of Realtors reported on Monday that pending home sales were up 7.5% in October.
Millennials are staying in their apartments for longer than they would have a decade ago, likely due to the high cost of first-time homes.
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