Why people of color charge less for Airbnb rentals in San Francisco

by Lizzie O'Leary May 11, 2018
A new study examines the role of race in the home rental economy

Mexican fizzy water starts bubbling in the US

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 11, 2016
The brand is over 120 years old and has been in the U.S. since the 1980s. But now, it's really starting to pop.
Topo Chico has been around for more than a century.
Nathaniel F/Flickr

Hispanic millennials make less, but save more

by Donna Tam Aug 3, 2016
A Wells Fargo survey says most millennials don’t think they can stash away $1 million by the time they retire, and the situation is more critical for female and Hispanic millennials.
Tax Credits/Creative Commons

At the RNC, Hispanic Chamber endorses Clinton

by Kimberly Adams Jul 20, 2016
The group's president says the Trump campaign is becoming “frankly scary."
The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's decision to endorse a presidential candidate is an unusual move.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Addressing inequality for black and Hispanic students

by Nova Safo Mar 19, 2015
A report from The National Urban League paints a grim picture on education.
The SATs didn't go so well last year.
Family Money

Family finance lessons: Mamiverse CEO Rene Alegria

by Nick White Feb 20, 2014
Rene Alegria's grandfather teaches him how to save for a rainy day

'Instructions Not Included': A blueprint for box office success?

by Marketplace Contributor Sep 3, 2013
Hollywood's relationship with the Latino market has always been hit or miss. This weekend, one movie bucked the trend.

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Does new TV show stereotype Latinas?

by Jeff Tyler Jun 21, 2013
The new TV show, "Devious Maids," is a soap opera aimed at a Hispanic audience, but some Latinos feel it trades in stereotypes.

Latinas are the savviest shoppers

by Jeff Tyler Jan 2, 2013
A recent survey finds that Latina shoppers work harder to find deals and use more technology than other consumers.
Campaign Trail

Mitt Romney to address U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

by Jeff Horwich Sep 17, 2012
This morning Mitt Romney is set to speak before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Romney seems to have achieved a small bounce among Hispanics after the Republican National Convention. Today is another chance to reach out to those critical…

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