Changing an offensive mascot can be tricky – and expensive

by Tony Wagner Nov 12, 2015
Adidas has offered to cover some schools' costs, but they can't diffuse the controversy.

New resource guide aimed at helping undocumented youth

by Janet Nguyen Oct 20, 2015
It includes success tips for high school and college students.

Jarden Corp. goes back to high school

by Dan Gorenstein Oct 14, 2015
The company hopes to add high school yearbooks and class rings to its portfolio.

High School is too old school

by Amy Scott Sep 18, 2015
Does the public institution need a $50 million reinvention?

Laurene Powell Jobs on reinventing high school

by Amy Scott Sep 17, 2015
The philanthropist talks about her $50 million Super School project.

How Detroit students experienced the city's bankruptcy

by Adriene Hill and Bridget Bodnar Sep 9, 2015
The NYT video series looks high schoolers' optimism despite their surroundings.
A video journalist from the New York Times followed Denby High School students in Detroit to see the city's bankruptcy through their eyes.
Andrew Jameson/Wikimedia Commons
Learning Curve

The changing role of Advanced Placement classes

by Amy Scott May 4, 2015
At some schools, they're more about college prep than college credit.

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Learning Curve

How one high school is closing the AP gap

by Adriene Hill Apr 28, 2015
Research and outreach at Roosevelt High is putting more kids in advanced classes.
Learning Curve

Find the AP participation rate at your high school

by Cindy Santini Apr 28, 2015
Compare, by race, the percentage of students enrolled in your high school with the percentage enrolled in at least one an AP class.
Learning Curve

Spending $100 million to break down AP class barriers

by Adriene Hill Apr 28, 2015
Minority and low-income students are often overlooked for the toughest classes.

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