The Uncertain Hour

Opioids made it impossible to run his family business, so he became an undercover cop

by Caitlin Esch Apr 3, 2019
Bucky Culbertson's career has followed the booms and busts of Wise County, up to his current job fighting the opioid epidemic.
Bucky Culbertson in his office, January 2019.
Ben Hethcoat/Marketplace

In Ohio's opioid crisis, Medicaid cutbacks could be disastrous

by Lizzie O'Leary Jun 30, 2017
At the epicenter of the opioid crisis, a Medicaid rollback could be terrible for Ohioans
Activists and family members of loved ones who died in the opioid/heroin epidemic take part in a "Fed Up!" rally at Capitol Hill on Sept. 18, 2016, in Washington, D.C.
John Moore/Getty Images

Opioid overdoses overwhelm the nation's morgues

by Adam Allington May 11, 2017
Drug-related deaths highlight a critical need for more trained pathologists.
As of 2015, overdose became the number one cause of injury-related death, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control.

Raising money for rehab as the heroin crisis spreads

by Marketplace Contributor May 4, 2016
With insurance uncertain and rehab costly, families are turning to fundraising.
Melissa Hume cuts a client's hair during her Hair for Healing event.
Harriet Jones/WNPR

Fighting poverty and opiate addiction in rural communities

by Marketplace Contributor Feb 24, 2016
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on battling poverty, and all that comes with it.
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on battling poverty, and all that comes with it.

Afghanistan increases opium production

by Nova Safo Jun 29, 2015
Taliban threatens farmers, who also grow the crop for their own economic survival.

Heroin's back - but prescription opiates are still a bigger problem

by David Weinberg Jan 9, 2014
An increase in heroin use has been reported in many states, in part in response to government efforts to restrict access to prescription opiates.

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