General Electric exits the LED business

Nov 6, 2018
The sale is part of the conglomerate's efforts to trim its portfolio.

General Electric built this town, but its presence is shrinking

Jan 19, 2018
The company plans to leave the locomotive manufacturing industry in a few years.
Jim Connelly, a former GE engineer, hopes to go back to school and start his own business. He sits at the Lawrence Park Dinor, just up the street from the 350-acre GE plant.
Erika Beras/Marketplace

GE reckons with a large debt from an old business

Jan 16, 2018
General Electric CEO John Flannery said in an earnings call today that he was “deeply disappointed” in big liabilities found over on the company’s insurance side. GE actually sold off this business – insurance for long-term care – years ago. But turns out it’s still liable for billions of dollars’ worth of policies. Click the […]

GE cuts dividend but shareholders may ultimately benefit

Nov 13, 2017
General Electric announced today that all is maybe not well inside the multinational conglomerate empire. CEO John Flannery said the next couple years will be less profitable than previously thought and that, among other changes, he company will cut its annual dividend in half. That may sound scary if you’re holding some GE stock, or […]

Drama, angst and a corporate shakeup — that’s GE

Oct 19, 2017
It’s been a rough couple of weeks for two of the country’s biggest conglomerates. Proctor & Gamble and General Electric have been fending off shareholder unrest over their lackluster stock performance. For GE, that drama has extended to the boardroom. Tomorrow, GE will give its first quarterly results since new CEO John Flannery took over. […]

GE’s latest earnings are a last-chance showing for its CEO

Jul 21, 2017
General Electric is expected to report its second quarter earnings before the markets open today . It’ll be longtime CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s last chance to seal his legacy at the company before stepping down at the end of the month. GE’s stock has earned the distinction of being the worst performer in the Dow Jones […]

The annual performance review gets a reboot

Jul 13, 2017
Companies have learned that a steady stream of feedback is more effective than a yearly review.
Tom Quitoni is a quality assurance manager at Schell Games. There, managers review workers, workers review managers and everyone provides feedback on others in the company. “It gives you a unique perspective,” Quitoni said.
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For public good, not for profit.

General Electric will have to shed more than CEO to boost profits

Jun 12, 2017
General Electric announced today that its CEO, Jeff Immelt, is stepping down. He’ll be replaced by John Flannery, who had been in charge of GE’s health care division. Shareholders have not been happy with the company’s stock performance under Immelt’s leadership. GE will have to let go of some segments dragging it down. Click the […]

GE's Vice Chair explains how the company stays innovative

Jan 25, 2016
An interview with General Electric's Vice Chair and Beth Comstock
Vice Chair of Business Innovations at General Electric Beth Comstock speaks on stage during 'The Fast Company Innovation Festival' on November 10, 2015 in New York City.
Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

GE nears deal for Alstom

Jun 20, 2014
GE wants turbine company, but may end up in business with French government.