How the buyer of Subway could turn around the struggling sandwich chain

Aug 25, 2023
A private equity firm has agreed to buy Subway. It may need to close stores in the U.S., but expand overseas.
Subway has struggled for the past decade. The chain has suffered from a scandal with its longtime spokesperson, tough competition, and an excess of franchise locations.
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Fast food menu hacks are taking over TikTok

Apr 5, 2023
They create both chaos and money-making opportunities for businesses.
The rise of social media and digital ordering has spawned a slew of menu hacks and complex orders.
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Millennials and avocados are key to Chipotle's comeback

Oct 22, 2019
The fast-casual chain has turned around business since the health scares of years past.
Online orders account for almost a fifth of sales at Chipotle. Above, the restaurant's workers fill orders.
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Tender Greens CEO weighs in on retail and food service

Sep 17, 2018
Denyelle Bruno shares the spaces she finds most inspiring, including the "Radiohead of grocery retail."
Tender Greens is the fast-casual restaurant chain you may not have heard of.
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What happened to Chipotle's unique selling proposition?

Mar 17, 2016
Chipotle's trying to deliver on its "fresh" brand while improving food safety.
Chipotle faces brand issues after their fresh and healthy image was tarnished by virus outbreaks. 
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Between fast food and fine dining: fast casual

Jan 19, 2016
At a shopping center in Glendale, Colorado, Laquardra and Jason Staples are sitting down to lunch. The restaurant is brand new, a sleekly-designed barbecue spot called Carve Barbecue. The interior is styled with exposed wood beams, chrome metal chairs and stainless steel. “We’re just out running errands so we just stopped in for a nice […]

Today, burritos. Tomorrow, a company car?

Aug 24, 2015
Chipotle plans to hire 4,000 new workers, pitching potential career advancement.

For public good, not for profit.

Shake Shack's rise from burger stand to billions

CEO Randy Garutti talks about how the burger giant started and how it plans to expand.

'Big Chicken' has Boston Market flying higher

Jun 22, 2015
CEO George Michel says the fast-casual chain is expanding.