Crafts vendor Etsy has strengths, weaknesses at a time of economic headwinds

Oct 31, 2023
Consumer spending has been resilient, but will Etsy, a site that epitomizes discretionary spending, continue to rake in money?
Etsy's artisanal offerings may do well during the holiday shopping season, said Claire Tassin with Morning Consult.
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Retailers less dependent on the global supply chain could see opportunities this holiday season

Nov 3, 2021
Will holiday shoppers factor on-time delivery into purchases?
E-commerce sites like Etsy might see some opportunities even with the supply chain struggles.
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What happens if online retailers have to charge sales tax?

Apr 26, 2018
"This is a very big deal ... for all small entrepreneurs everywhere," Etsy's CEO says.
FedEx worker sort through a pile of boxes at the FedEx sort facility at the Oakland International Airport in December 2006 in California.
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A handmade necklace.
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Is the Internet taking us back in time? The return of handmade goods

Oct 9, 2015
Jody Rice is going back in time, to a different way of doing business.

Checking in on Etsy for its 10th birthday

Jun 19, 2015
Etsy's CEO Chad Dickerson is optimistic about the state of the company.

For public good, not for profit.

Why Etsy's stock has fallen by half in two months

Jun 10, 2015
...and why a box full of Etsy goods may be to blame.

Making a living off an Etsy business

May 5, 2015
Online business ThreeBirdNest has taken flight.
ThreeBirdNest has become one of Etsy's most successful shops. 

Etsy CEO: Leading a country of commerce

Apr 16, 2015
Chad Dickerson talks about heading up the internet's largest artisan marketplace.