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Supreme Court justices rule for Trump administration in deportation case

Jun 25, 2020
The high court ruled that the administration can deport some people seeking asylum without allowing them to make their case to a federal judge.
The Supreme Court ruled recently that states can prosecute crimes allegedly committed by non-Natives on tribal land.
Zach Gibson/Getty Images

More than 600,000 American children born to Mexican nationals are living in Mexico

Feb 13, 2019
Even though they have the right to return to the U.S., they may not know it, a California Sunday reporter says.
Dusk falls over a section of the U.S.-Mexico border fence near Campo, California.
David McNew/Getty Images

U.S. decision would hit families’ pocketbooks in El Salvador

Jan 10, 2018
The Trump administration is ending temporary protected status for nearly 200,000 Salvadorans.
 A mother and child, 3, from El Salvador await transport to a processing center for undocumented immigrants after they crossed the Rio Grande into the United States in Mission, Texas. 
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Fearing deportation, families prepare custody paperwork

Jun 28, 2017
Parents living in the U.S. illegally are confronting the possibility they could be separated from their children.
Immigrant services staffers at a community center in Stamford, Connecticut, sign as witnesses after Ecuadorian parents signed a legal document giving custody of their children to friends in case they are deported .
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Government deportation plans cause waves in construction and agriculture

Feb 22, 2017
The federal government has revealed plans to step up deportations of the millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally. Construction and agriculture are among the sectors that lean heavily on the undocumented workforce and, with labor short in those fields, some say the move will have a negative effect. 

Dangerous passage: Refugees in Minnesota risk death to reach Canada

Feb 22, 2017
African asylum seekers are streaming to the border, making a perilous journey that has immigration and security officials worried.
Eric Kuhn, patrol agent in charge for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection station in Pembina, North Dakota, stands for a portrait while on patrol near the Canadian border. Since 2010, the Border Patrol at Pembina has seen an increase in asylum seekers, primarily those who fled African countries, trying to sneak across the border into Canada.
Dan Koeck for MPR News

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New immigration guidelines would stretch legal, detention and enforcement capacity

Feb 21, 2017
The system already has a hard time filling border patrol positions and has a backlog of pending cases.
A view of the US-Mexican border fence at Playas de Tijuana in Tijuana, Mexico, in January.
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President Trump builds a bigger deportation force

Jan 27, 2017
Trump aims to deputize law enforcement in a crackdown on illegal immigration.

'OITNB' star was alone at age 14 after parents were deported

May 3, 2016
Actress Diane Guerrero discusses immigration from a personal perspective.
Diane Guerrero's memoir is “In The Country We Love: A Family Divided.”
Jeffrey Mosier