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The loophole that allows UK minors to illicitly work for delivery apps

Nov 20, 2023
A recent BBC investigation found that adults and minors alike are able to rent or buy accounts for major delivery apps.
A substitution system allows couriers for services like London-based Deliveroo to share their accounts — and it's on the accountholder to check that their substitute is over 18.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

NYC sets minimum wage for app-based delivery drivers

Jun 13, 2023
The workers currently earn $7 an hour on average. Starting in July, they'll make nearly $18 an hour before tips.
Starting in July, app delivery workers in New York City will make nearly $18 an hour before tips.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Industry shakeup signals change for grocery delivery

Jun 1, 2022
More people have gone back to shopping in person, but some pandemic behaviors have stuck.
A distribution center for Buyk, a grocery delivery app, in New York. Inflation and comfort with in-person shopping are hurting delivery services.
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How might delivery apps evolve in a new regulatory climate?

Sep 24, 2021
The apps could start passing more costs to consumers or bypass traditional restaurants, to make thin margins in the delivery business work.

Why are some restaurants shutting the door on food delivery giants?

Aug 18, 2021
Steep third-party food delivery fees are driving some restaurant owners to seek alternatives.
An Uber Eats delivery person hauls food on a bicycle. Jon Sewell says his delivery co-op, which is owned by restaurants, cut delivery costs and improved service.
Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Who will win the delivery app war?

Mar 24, 2021
As more people start eating in restaurants again, delivery companies are competing for consumer loyalty and looking beyond food.
Food and grocery delivery are just the start for apps like DoorDash and GrubHub.
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As cities move to cap delivery app fees, some restaurants worry

May 19, 2020
Some fear the apps will pass fees on to consumers, who might balk.
An Uber Eats delivery person in April. Some delivery companies say a decrease in fees they charge restaurants would be passed on to consumers.
Pascal Guyot/AFP via Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

"Delete the delivery apps," say restaurants hard hit by COVID-19

Apr 16, 2020
Some food delivery services charge as much as 40% in fees. That's cutting into restaurants' bottom line.
Food delivery orders have doubled since the COVID-19 outbreak began, according to the website Yelp,
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Pizza companies watch others go for a slice of the pie

Aug 8, 2019
Food delivery apps offer consumers a wider variety of eat-at-home options.
Papa John's reported this week that its sales are weak.
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Home Depot invests in crowdsourcing delivery app

Feb 26, 2019
Brick-and-mortar stores are hustling to get online purchases to customers' doorsteps faster.
Brick-and-mortar stores are hustling to get online purchases to customers' doorsteps faster.
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