Shouldn’t a company have to tell you when it’s been hacked?

Mar 1, 2018
Here are three reasons why there should be breach-notification law.
In this photo illustration, a virtual map of the internet is projected onto a woman in London.
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Intel earnings expected to weather the Meltdown and Spectre

Jan 25, 2018
Security issues and faulty fixes have vexed computer giant Intel, and that’s just in January. But analysts say the problems probably won’t dent profits in the long term. Intel releases its quarterly earnings report later today. The company has generated…

Can the Olympics be protected from cyberattacks?

Jan 12, 2018
As athletes gear up for the Olympics, hackers are working hard, too.

To fix security flaws, CPU chips need a redesign, not a hotfix

Jan 4, 2018
A report issued by cybersecurity experts on Wednesday described two pretty serious security flaws that, in all likelihood, affects your computer. The flaws, known as Meltdown and Spectre, may have different ways of accessing private information, but both stem from…

For $100, you can buy thousands of twitter bots

Nov 15, 2017
The internet, for all it’s wonders, is also a place where not-so-great things happen — like harassment of various kinds. And, of course, there’s an industry for that. ProPublica reporter Julia Angwin got firsthand experience after contributing to an article…

Pretty much all Wi-Fi is vulnerable, security experts reveal

Oct 16, 2017
Belgian researchers have identified a vulnerability in the way most of us connect wirelessly to the internet. The weakness even has a name: Krack. If exploited (and luckily that has not yet happened, as far as anyone can tell), information…

Schools have become the latest target of cyberattacks

Oct 13, 2017
A hacking organization shut down a Montana school district for three days following threats of violence and a demand for bitcoin.
A laptop displays a message after being infected by a ransomware as part of a worldwide cyberattack.

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SEC reveals 2016 hack that breached its filing system

Sep 21, 2017
It may have provided the basis for some illegal trading.
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New Yorkers want to know: What’s your cybersecurity plan?

Aug 29, 2017
There are some new regulations going into effect for financial institutions licensed by the state of New York this week. That’s for some banks, big insurance companies and all kinds of financial firms. The rules are about cybersecurity, specifically. They…

Hackers may 'WannaCry' when trying to cash in on the worldwide cyberattack

May 15, 2017
The global cyberattack known as WannaCry continued to spread today, with 300,000 computers infected in 150 countries. The attack involves so-called ransomware, which basically holds the important files of victims hostage and then demands payment to unlock them. In this…