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Farming during a trade war

by Daisy Palacios Oct 21, 2019
The loss of soybean sales to China have created a lot of stress, says farmer Blake Hurst.
Blake Hurst on his farm in Atchinson County, MO.
Courtesy of Blake Hurst

Making the perfect tortilla

by Kai Ryssdal and Daisy Palacios Sep 23, 2019
At this LA-based tortilleria, there's only one way to make a tortilla: with organic corn.
Rick Ortega, left, and Omar Ahmed are the owners of Kernel of Truth Organics.
Steven Byeon/Marketplace

Limit eased on summer ethanol sales

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer May 31, 2019
Farmers love it. Environmentalists and gasoline refiners? Not so much.
A field of corn sits next to an ethanol plant in Palestine, Illinois.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Waiter, there's corn syrup in my beer!

by Justin Ho Feb 4, 2019
Bud Light's Super Bowl ad called out Miller and Coors for using the sweet syrup.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

In the age of climate change, farmers weigh their options for the future

by Peggy Lowe Dec 27, 2018
National climate change report says the business of farming could dramatically change if global warming isn’t addressed.
A pasture of pure blue stem prairie grass, never touched by a plow during the 150 years the Teske family has owned this piece of northeast Kansas.
Peggy Lowe for Marketplace

Government aid is coming to U.S. farmers hit by tariff losses, but it probably won’t be enough

by Reema Khrais Aug 27, 2018
U.S. farmers who are caught up in the wider U.S., China and Mexico trade disputes are expected to get details today on a $12 billion aid package to help offset the effects of retaliatory tariffs. Farmers have been watching prices…
A farmer collects stray ears of corn while harvesting the crop in 2014 in Polk, Nebraska.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Farmers are "excited" by the prospect re-entering the TPP

by Kai Ryssdal Apr 13, 2018
Keith Alverson says farmers like him are after the 95 precent of consumers outside the U.S.
The photographer holds an ear of corn he found on the ground next to a corn field during harvest on September 13, 2012 near Teltow, Germany. 
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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In a U.S.-China trade dispute, Iowa farmers may be the bargaining chips

by Marketplace Staff Apr 5, 2018
With the announced Chinese tariffs on U.S. exports, things are looking pretty tough if you’re a farmer, and more so if you’re a farmer in Iowa. Five of the state’s central agriculture products — soybeans, corn, ethanol, beef and pork…
Trade Off: Stories of Globalization and Backlash

How the British began a free trade bonanza

by Stephen Beard Aug 28, 2017
England's repeal of tariffs on grain imports in the 19th century kicked off a free trade explosion.
The Repeal of the Corn Laws in Manchester is a 170-year old story with ramifications that continue to this day.
Ken Garduno, Illustrator

A Mexican movement pushes back against U.S. corn

by Annie Baxter Apr 27, 2017
The 'No Maiz Gringo' campaign is putting pressure on Mexico's government to restrict imports of corn from the U.S.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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