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Christopher Kimball's latest venture is Milk Street, a multimedia cooking organization.
Connie Miller, CB Creatives

What it's like to be a cookbook writer

Apr 3, 2018
Jessica Battilana talks about her career as a recipe developer.
Jessica Battilana's Cheater’s Tortilla Española.
Courtesy of Ed Anderson

Hungry and broke? We've got a cookbook for you, millennials

Miranda Berman and Gabi Moskowitz want to hold your hand in the kitchen.
The "Someday I'll Be Rich Rice and Beans" from a new cookbook by Gabi Moskowitz and Miranda Berman.
Bridget Bodnar / Marketplace

Anthony Bourdain takes the Marketplace Quiz

Oct 26, 2016
...And reminisces on the one burger that sent him into a spiral of self-hatred.
Bourdain's career back-up plan? Cooking brunch.
Ashley Garland/Ecco

As apps rise in popularity, will cookbooks fall out of favor?

Sep 3, 2012
With so many ways to find recipes and cooking tips these days, many food enthusiasts wonder if cookbooks will go the way of the dodo.