Why banks are trying to make a business out of junk fees

Financial regulatory director says laws are not suggestions for banks.
Bank of America will give  $100 million back to customers that it wrongfully took in fees. The bank will also pay another $150 million in penalties.
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There's a reason to lose sleep over mislabeled melatonin gummies

Apr 27, 2023
A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at 25 melatonin gummies and found that some contained much more melatonin than advertised, or none at all.
According to a recent study, melatonin gummies may have different doses than the packaging says.
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The FTC seeks to make it easier to cancel subscriptions

Mar 28, 2023
The agency has proposed new rules that would require companies to make unsubscribing less onerous.
Federal Trade Commission chair Lina M. Khan. The agency is eyeing rules that would require companies to make unsubscribing from services easier.
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When a product recall goes out, what happens to competitors' sales?

Mar 27, 2023
It depends on why the recall was issued and how essential the item is.
While several companies have now recalled eye drops, recalls that get a lot of attention can affect other brands that make similar products.
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Consumer rights aren't guaranteed in a digital world, warns Consumer Reports CEO

Dec 23, 2022
Marta Tellado, CEO of the nonprofit Consumer Reports, says shift to a digital economy may endanger some consumer rights.
Consumer Reports CEO Marta Tellado cautions that consumer protections have not kept up in areas of the economy like artificial intelligence and digital algorithms.
Courtesy Consumer Reports
Large banks, including J.P. Morgan Chase, are creating a system to reimburse customers who fall victim to scams.
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How companies use “dark patterns” to keep you locked into online subscriptions 

Oct 26, 2022
Subscription-based models have been around for a while, but the internet is making them more ubiquitous than ever.
Some companies' websites have design elements aimed at deceiving consumers into buying their products or services.
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For public good, not for profit.

Supreme Court limits FTC's ability to make fraudsters reimburse consumers

Apr 23, 2021
In its unanimous ruling, the court says the FTC could always ask Congress for more authority to recover money for victims.
Over the past five years, the FTC says it’s returned over $11 billion to victims using the method that the court just struck down.
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With the CFPB's future uncertain, New York and other states want to step in

Mar 5, 2020
Some states are stepping up their plans to regulate the debt collection industry. Consumer advocates say the moves come at a time when Federal protections are weakening.
Gov. Cuomo announced a plan to crack down on fraud with additional oversight of the debt collection industry.
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