Scooters could improve mobility in low-income areas, but they have an image problem

Dec 5, 2018
They can be left anywhere, which riles wealthy communities. But that might make them surprisingly effective in underserved neighborhoods.
A user rides a Spin scooter in San Francisco.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Biking industry keeps pedaling into winter with fat tires

Feb 3, 2017
Fat bikes have increased in popularity recently all over the country, not just for riding in cold temperatures. They can be used like a standard mountain bike on all kinds of terrain.
Fat bikes hang in the maintenance department of Freewheel Bike in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
Britta Greene

Bicycle classes help Maine refugees get around town

Jul 12, 2016
Classes teach how to repair and maintain bicycles for those who can't yet drive.
Papy David Musongela (right) works on his bike with instructor Ainsley Judge (left). 
Caroline Losneck

Building an equitable bike-share economy

Apr 3, 2015
Can bike shares become part of public transit?