Candy cane-eating bees make red-tinted honey

Sep 4, 2013
Red honey is showing up in beehives around Utah. The source seems to be the bees, feeding off leftovers from a local factory that makes candy canes.

EU looks to protect bees from pesticides

Apr 29, 2013
The vote, which will restrict the use of certain types of pesticides for two years unless decisive new information becomes available, is an effort to protect the dwindling honeybee population.

Bees check in at the Waldorf

Aug 7, 2012
The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York is raising 300,000 bees on the roof. It's part of a plan to get younger guests buzzing.
Harvesting honey. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York is raising 300,000 bees on the roof.  It's all part of a plan to get younger guests buzzing.
Photo courtesy of the Waldorf Astoria

Bee population decline linked to common pesticide

Bee populations in the U.S. -- and even other parts of the world -- have been on the decline, which has many worried. Well, two new studies out might have figured out a reason why.
A bumblebee collects nectar from a flower during a warm spring sunny day. World bee populations have been dwindling, and two new research papers might have a reason why.

Suddenly everyone is getting Pinterested

Dec 23, 2011
New social networks are kind of like Nicolas Cage movies: almost always horrible and confusing and spirit-crushing but occasionally kind of neat. Pinterest seems to be the Raising Arizona of social networks. Experian Hitwise reports that the site had 11 million total visits during December, which is 40 times the number it had six months […]

Cell phones can screw up bees

May 16, 2011
According to some new research by Swiss researcher Daniel Favre, honey bees can tell when cell phones nearby are making or receiving calls. This...

So My Cell Phone's Not a Killer?

Oct 7, 2010
Do you remember the post we ran in May about how cell phones are likely responsible for mass honey bee death? Well, our phones have been pardoned....

For public good, not for profit.

German airports use bees to monitor air quality

Jun 29, 2010
German airports -- including Düsseldorf International Airport -- have come up with an interesting way to monitor their air quality: using bees....