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ReMarket Podcast: The stuff that surprises

May 11, 2012
This week's podcast offers some highlights courtesy of Warren Sapp, Charlie Trotter and, yes, Brad Pitt.

Preview: 15 minutes with Timothy Geithner

Apr 27, 2012
Kai Ryssdal sits down with the Treasury Secretary to talk about the U.S. and European economies, and why his signature looks so different

Timothy Geithner's signature not fit for print

Apr 26, 2012
The Treasury Secretary had to upgrade his autograph to appear on U.S. currency, he revealed in an interview with Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's signature before and after. He had to change his autograph to appear on U.S. currency.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Marketplace interviews President Obama. What would you ask?

Mar 21, 2012
Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal is traveling to Boulder City, Nevada, today to interview President Barack Obama at the Copper Mountain solar plant during the president's two-day energy tour. Send us your questions and find out how to listen.

Marketplace Goes Shopping: A Special Report

Dec 16, 2011
Kai and crew broadcast live from the Citadel Outlets in sunny Commerce, Calif., to find out how shoppers are spending and how retailers are selling during this most-important holiday shopping season.

9/11: Our producer remembers...

Sep 9, 2011
Marketplace producer Megan Larson lived and worked in Manhattan during 9/11. Her husband worked across from the World Trade Center and shared his story with her.

Best-Ever Super Bowl Ads: Budweiser 'Wassup'

Jan 26, 2011
The first Super Bowl commercial I remember actually making me laugh. Watch more memorable Super Bowl ad picked by the Marketplace staff, and sha...

So My Cell Phone's Not a Killer?

Oct 7, 2010
Do you remember the post we ran in May about how cell phones are likely responsible for mass honey bee death? Well, our phones have been pardoned....

The U.S., China and the yuan

Sep 29, 2010
For years now, the U.S. has been pushing China to let its currency float. Back in 2007, when I was in graduate school working for Voice of America...