The latest smart product: the baby diaper

May 14, 2019
With a declining birthrate in the U.S., diaper brands hope new tech can bring in more profits.

Why 1 in 3 families has trouble affording diapers

Apr 10, 2018
Diapers are higher tech than ever before, but many families cant afford them.

Why a food scientist is trying to make powdered breast milk

Feb 20, 2017
Donated breast milk in liquid form can be expensive because it needs to be to be screened for disease and drugs, and then stored. One way to address this may be a technique called "spray-drying."
Containers with donated milk at the human milk bank in Lima, Peru.

Sleeping like a baby is a $325 million industry

Jan 16, 2017
Parents craving sleep are willing to try all sorts of gizmos, but experts caution against buying anything that makes claims about SIDS

Since Arlo was born three months ago his parents, Lindsay Barrick and  Jerry Talkington, haven’t gotten much sleep.
Courtesy:Lindsay Barrick

Helping babies deal with toxic stress

Mar 29, 2016
A new approach supports parents, lessening toxic stress on a baby's brain.
Rebecca Schrag Hershberg is a doctor and clinical psychologist specializing in early childhood development. Her own son is three months old. She says that when a baby suffers from toxic stress, certain parts of the brain can end up underdeveloped.
Eilis O’Neill/Marketplace

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Dolce and Gabbana to release perfume for babies

Jan 30, 2013
The new fragrance will have notes of citrus, melon and honey.

Exploiting baby

Aug 24, 2012
Author Teresa Strasser talks about the give-and-take relationship she has with her babies.

The costs of raising a child

Aug 22, 2012
Breaking down the numbers of raising a family. The Department of Agriculture estimates middle-income families will spend about a quarter of a million dollars raising one child.