Downturn leads some to withdraw early from retirement accounts

May 15, 2020
Almost a third of people in a LendingTree survey said they were withdrawing from retirement accounts
The economic slump is making some Americans spend down liquid assets.
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GE freezes pensions as the benefit becomes endangered in private sector

Oct 8, 2019
General Electric is freezing its pensions for 20,000 non-union workers and will offer pension buyouts for another 100,000 former employees. GE said the move will save $8 billion, part of a plan to shed some of the company’s considerable debt.…
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Should you be worried about big dips in the stock market?

Feb 9, 2018
We gathered experts to answer this and more of your questions about the week's roller-coaster ride.

Why people are abandoning their 401(k)s

Changing jobs? Remember to move your retirement funds.
Don't leave your 401(k) behind when you move to a new job.
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5 things you need to know about 401(k)s

Oct 27, 2017
The award-winning author of "Money Girl’s Smart Moves to Grow Rich," tells us what we need to know about the popular retirement savings account.

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Congress looks at capping your annual 401(k) contribution

Oct 24, 2017
What alternatives are out there?
There is a “considerable amount of concern that middle-income Americans are not saving enough for their retirement,” says Joseph Cordes of George Washington University.

Individual retirement accounts aren’t attracting enough of the right individuals

May 2, 2017
IRAs were created to give people without employer-sponsored retirement plans a tax-free incentive to save.