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Why China may be selling its U.S. debt
Nov 7, 2023

Why China may be selling its U.S. debt

China may be selling U.S. debt to pump up the yuan. Plus, how Black communities are being left behind in the shift to electric vehicles.

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A good repo man is hard to find

Nov 7, 2023
The repossession industry is struggling with an enduring labor shortage, while 1.5 million car repos are expected this year.
A good chunk of used cars come from repossessions.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Why would China sell off its U.S. debt — if that's what it's doing

Nov 7, 2023
There's a hot debate about what it's doing with its holdings, and the answer could affect how much it costs Americans to borrow money.
"We care about whether foreign governments or entities are buying U.S. Treasurys because it impacts the cost of borrowing in this country," said Jesse Wheeler of Morning Consult.
Mark Schiefelbein/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

What's new with the trade deficit?

“Marketplace” host Kai Ryssdal looks at the latest U.S. trade deficit release.

Big box stores go big on renovations to tempt shoppers

Nov 7, 2023
They're trying to stay ahead of what customers, now used to online convenience and speed, expect from a retailer.
Endless aisles are Walmart’s strength — but also its weakness.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Corporate earnings have turned up, but can you take it to the bank?

Nov 7, 2023
Stocks have reflected strong quarterly reports. Looking ahead, worries persist about consumer savings, interest rates and a government shutdown.
Positive quarterly results have helped to improve the mood on Wall Street.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

His EV trip through the Southeast required a charging station map — and privilege

Adam Mahoney, a reporter for Capital B News, explains how driving an electric vehicle put him in a precarious situation as a Black man.
"I wasn’t necessarily as versed in just the long-distance aspect of EV travel with public charging," says Adam Mahoney, a reporter with Capital B News. "So it ended up taking that initial trip from being a five-hour drive to almost 12 hours."
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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