Where’s the sweet spot for wage growth?
Mar 1, 2023

Where’s the sweet spot for wage growth?

Economists say 3.5% wage growth is ideal — but we're not there yet. Also, we'll hear the sounds of a $10 million violin.

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Businesses and consumers are borrowing more, despite rising interest rates

Mar 1, 2023
Total loan balances rose from last quarter and year over year, according to the FDIC. There are good reasons to borrow now.
Some consumers are opting to use home equity loans to pay off credit card debt.
Damien Meyer/AFP via Getty Images

Where's the sweet spot for wage growth?

Mar 1, 2023
Economists say 3.5% wage growth is about right when you take inflation and productivity growth into account — but we're not there yet.
Right now, wage growth is at 4.4% year over year. But economists say 3.5% is the ideal figure.
Kena Betancur/Getty Images

Hurricane risk will grow in the coming decades, report warns

Mar 1, 2023
A new tool shows the likelihood of wind damage by property address.
Cleared lots were all that remained of some homes in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, in late January, months after Hurricane Ian ravaged the area.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

SUVs are major sources of greenhouse gasses, but the world's drivers keep buying them

Mar 1, 2023
An International Energy Association report found that SUVs emitted almost 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide last year, more than some countries. The cars now represent 46% of the global auto market.
While car sales overall dropped last year, sales of SUVs actually grew. They’re now 46% of the global auto market.
Mike Pellinni/Getty Images

Why a Guarneri violin is expected to fetch $10 million at auction

Mar 1, 2023
Despite numerous scientific tests, there are no definitive answers for why Guarneri instruments have their unique, coveted sound.
Marketplace's Nova Safo playing  the ‘Baltic’ Guarneri at New York's Tarisio auction house next to Grammy-winning violinist Charles Yang. "It's like going from a Camry to a Lamborghini," Safo said.
Sean Conaboy

This Florida woman used move-in deals to help save up for a house

Mar 1, 2023
Errica Jamil moved seven times in about as many years, earning her free or reduced rent. Now she owns a home of her own.
Chasing move-in specials every year eventually helped Errica Jamil buy a home of her own.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

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