When the hospital shuts down
May 14, 2019

When the hospital shuts down

Losing a hospital can jeopardize the health of rural community and its economy.

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London taxi drivers hail “The Knowledge”

May 14, 2019
Black cab drivers in the British capital say their knowledge of the city gives them a big competitive edge over ride-share rivals.
Black cab drivers block Whitehall as they take part in a protest against Uber on Feb. 10, 2016, in London.
Carl Court/Getty Images

With mortgage delinquencies at a low, can lenders afford to loosen up a bit?

May 14, 2019
Consumer advocates say it's time to loosen restrictions imposed after the housing collapse.
A foreclosure sign.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The latest smart product: the baby diaper

May 14, 2019
With a declining birthrate in the U.S., diaper brands hope new tech can bring in more profits.

A rural community loses its hospital — a standalone ER fills the gap

May 14, 2019
Quick thinking and a $2.2 million investment preserved the emergency room.
A standalone emergency room in Georgia.
Sam Whitehead

In the Bay Area, even doctors struggle to make ends meet

May 14, 2019
A resident says medical school "made almost no financial sense."
"When I first moved out to the Bay Area for medical school, I was very excited," said Anita Lowe Taylor. "It's a good program. I really appreciate the people I work around. But it really made almost no financial sense."
Courtesy of Anita Lowe Taylor

China struggles to teach its savers that investments carry risks

May 22, 2019
Wealth management products are massively popular among the Chinese public.
A Bank of China Shanghai branch is one of the big state-owned banks that sells instruments called wealth management products, which are very popular among ordinary Chinese investors.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

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