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What you miss when you miss watercooler conversations

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A man in a suit and tie holds a cup of water in his hand and leans on an office watercooler.

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Consumers say they're doing fine, but the economy as a whole isn't. Why?

by Justin Ho May 23, 2023
It all depends on the questions pollsters ask. "How are you doing?" will elicit a different answer than "How do you feel about inflation?"

Admit it — you miss socializing at the office

by Kristin Schwab May 23, 2023
Work can be a foundational part of socialization for young adults on their own for the first time.

After 9 years, LA cheese shop moves to a space of its own

by Kai Ryssdal and Andie Corban May 23, 2023
Lydia Clarke's business struggled in the early days of the pandemic. Now, she says, "I know we can do it."
A Warmer World

The Colorado River water rights deal is a stopgap. What's next?

by Savannah Maher May 23, 2023
This proposal could save the river system from imminent collapse, but in 2026, the current drought management guidelines will expire.
Adventures in Housing

Forever homes come in all shapes and sizes — and ages and states of (dis)repair

by Sarah Leeson May 23, 2023
It will need “a lot of TLC," Candice Sides said about the 19th-century log cabin she bought to be her family's eventual home.

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