What happens when a whole company takes summer vacation
Jul 2, 2021

What happens when a whole company takes summer vacation

Plus, the housing shortage, China's solar ascendancy and a deep dive into this morning's jobs report.

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To address worker burnout, some companies are shutting down for a week

Jul 2, 2021
Experts say a week off is a good start but leaves the causes of burnout untackled.
Companies including LinkedIn, Bumble and Hootsuite are requiring workers to take a week off.
Christof Stache/AFP via Getty Images

How many more housing units do we really need to build?

Jul 2, 2021
Estimates of how many houses and apartments are needed to meet demand vary from just over 1 million to more than 5 million.
In additing to a shortage of supplies and labor, there's now a shortage of lots for home builders.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

At this dim sum restaurant, challenges remain as customers return

Jul 2, 2021
Eateries returning to dine-in service may face staffing problems, higher costs and the need to transform their business models — again.
Golden Unicorn restaurant in New York’s Chinatown serves traditional dim sum. It's trying to adapt to changing conditions and higher costs.
Courtesy Darren Liu

Even after a good jobs report, potholes remain on road to economic recovery

Jul 2, 2021
The good news? The U.S. economy created 850,000 jobs in June. The bad news? There are still 7 million fewer jobs than before the pandemic.
The number of jobs created has risen steeply over the past few months, but employers may not find workers as easy to attract as in the past.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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